Wet Pouches Join James Wellbeloved Grain Free Line Up



Wet pouches join James Wellbeloved grain-free line-up
4th December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
James Wellbeloved has added Grain Free Wet pouches for dogs, an extension to its Grain Free dry foods.
According to recent studies, almost 48% of UK dog owners feed both wet and dry foods to their pets, and 38% of owners have shown an interest in gluten-free or grain-free pet foods, while 17% have indicated a willingness to pay higher prices for grain free.
Marketing director Alison Sudbury said: “The humanisation of pet nutrition is well documented, and the growth of Grain Free pet foods is part of that. There is clearly a need for some sensitive pets to have a Grain Free diet, and by expanding our Grain Free option into Wet pouches we are making sure that all owners now have the choice to feed both wet and dry Grain Free food. 
“James Wellbeloved Grain Free Wet pouches are made to the same exacting standards we apply to all our products.”
Available in Turkey or Lamb with Vegetables, and in Puppy/Junior, Adult and Senior dog options, the pouches are suitable for feeding alone or as a topper. Presented in a chunks in gravy format in 100g sachets, they can be sold as single sachets or outers of 12.