Uk Team Visits Bali Conservation Project



UK team visits Bali conservation project
12th April 2018

By Sandra Pearce
A team from Maidenhead Aquatics has visited a marine conservation project in Indonesia, donating a number of marine water test kits.
Maidenhead Aquatics first visited the village of Les in Bali in November 2014, run by the Indonesian Nature Foundation (LINI), and has since made repeat visits. This latest, in November 2017, was to its Aquaculture and Training Centre in northern Bali. 
A spokesman said: “We have been proudly supporting LINI for a number of years now along with our aquatic importers and it’s thrilling to see the progress they are making to preserving their reefs while working tirelessly to educate us of the importance of what they do. 
“This year the team took gifts with them including a number of marine water test kits (kindly donated by API) to be used at the centre. Unfortunately test kits can be difficult for LINI to source in Indonesia, and as a result, they are very expensive to purchase. Many thanks to our friends at API.”
Phil Owen, UK pet speciality account manager, Mars Fishcare, said: “Supporting organizations like LINI and Maidenhead Aquatics with our API products is how we at Mars Fishcare live our purpose: A Better World for Pets. We are proud to support the great work LINI does preserving coral reefs!”
During the visit, the team learned that one of the problems faced at the centre is frequent powercuts. The spokesman added: “This can be a real concern as one of the major projects at the centre is a breeding programme for Banggai cardinalfish and Ocellaris clownfish. During long powercuts, the team needs to manually aerate the water to keep the fish alive.”
On its return, Maidenhead Aquatics raised the issue with Interpet, which agreed to donate a number of Blagdon Liberty solar-powered Pond Oxygenator Pulse Air Pumps and solar-powered mains-free water pumps to LINI. 
LINI’s mission is to help conserve coastal marine resources in the country through science and the education and empowerment of coastal communities. The foundation works to protect and rehabilitate the coral reefs and encourage fishermen to adopt long-term sustainable fishing practices.