Pet Retailer Sets Out To Save Dogs Lives



Pet retailer sets out to save dogs’ lives
5th December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
A pet retailer moved by a memorial to a young puppy is equipping pet owners with skills to save their dogs’ lives.
Chris Mattin, who owns Vitapets on Sidcup High Street in Bexley, London, had attended a dog first-aid course to make sure he knew what to do if there was an emergency at his pet shop.
Just days later, he was out walking when he came across a wooden cross with a dog’s collar attached to it  – it was a memorial was to a young dog that had died choking on a piece of stick, reports the Bexley Times.
He said: “We have a dog groomers on site in the pet shop and a lot of people bring their dogs into the premises. I wanted to do the first-aid course so I could rest assured that I had the skills should there ever be an emergency involving any of the dogs.
“I knew if those dog owners had been on the first-aid course I had been on, they would have known what to do and maybe the dog could have been saved.
“I decided then and there that I wanted to offer dog first-aid courses.”
Having received one-to-one training from a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons member, Chris is now part of the Dog First Aid franchise and is running courses throughout the county.
The training can help dogs who are bleeding, choking, poisoned or suffering from heat stroke.
He said: “We know that appropriate first aid can save a dog’s life, and even in situations that are not life threatening, first aid administered early can reduce recovery time and the severity of injuries in dogs. We all want what’s best for our pets and we can help them by being prepared for all situations, including a medical emergency.
“I absolutely love what I do, I love meeting pets and their owners in the shop and I want to help them.
“If, by teaching dog owners the skills they need to deal with an emergency, it saves one dog’s life, it will be worth it.”