More Than 1 000 Vets And Nurses Lobby Government



More than 1,000 vets and nurses lobby government
4th December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
A 1,200-signature letter calling for the principle of Article 13 to be explicitly enshrined in UK legislation post-Brexit has been published in the Daily Telegraph.
Led by the British Veterinary Association and British Veterinary Nursing Association, the vets, vet nurses and students are calling on the UK government to ensure there is due regard for animal welfare in the development and implementation of policy, as Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty sets out. 
Under the UK’s Animal Welfare Acts, accountability for the treatment of an animal focuses on the animal keeper, but not on the state.
The letter comes following a national outcry after a House of Commons debate in which MPs voted down an amendment tabled by Green MP Caroline Lucas to include the principles set out in Article 13, which states animals are sentient, in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.