Dropsy Gets Speckle Where Cancer Failed



Dropsy gets Speckle where cancer failed
7th February 2018

By Sandra Pearce
A goldfish who underwent seven operations for an eye tumour has died from an unrelated illness.
Vet William Wildgoose had removed the eye to get at the cancerous tumour, reports the Daily Mail.
He saw the fish, named Speckle, seven times over two years and charged £350 for the surgery at the Midland Veterinary Surgery in east London. 
Fish later died from dropsy, which made him ‘blow up like a pine cone’.
He said: “I probably see cases like this every five years so it was an unusual case and a lot of what gets done is usually determined by owners’ willingness to go ahead and if they are willing to pay for a professional service. Sometimes they think ‘It’s just a goldfish’ and therefore it's not worth having any money being spent on it.”