News Copdock Mill Goes For Gold With New Bird Brand



Copdock Mill goes for gold with new bird brand
10th November 2017

By Karen Pickwick
Copdock Mill has introduced a new brand, SkyGold Cage & Aviary Food, which comes in foil sealed packs from 12.5-20kg and consolidates its previous brands.
Andy Morgan, marketing and business development manager, said before last month’s launch: “We are looking forward to the launch of SkyGold cage bird and marketing one brand.
“Managing four different brands of cage bird seed has been a challenge as each brand is pretty much unique to a given geographical location, with the consumers and retailers being extremely loyal. We have been manufacturing all these brands for quite a while and the time is now right to absorb all of them into one quality brand and offer the customer something modern that delivers on quality and price.
Copdock Mill has become one of the best-known manufacturers of cage bird mixes, as well as a major importer of all seeds straight from the country of origin. In the early eighties Mark Gladwell, the third generation at the helm of HG Gladwell & Sons, spotted an opportunity to sell avian mixes into the pet and garden trade. After consultation and development work, machinery and packaging equipment were commissioned and the Copdock Mill cage bird food brand was born. 
“With shops, breeders and avian enthusiasts recognising the quality and price, the Copdock brand exceeded expectations and has grown into a firm favourite in the pet trade and with consumers,” Andy said. 
Copdock Mill made three avian company acquisitions from the late nineties to the mid ‘noughties’ (H&S Clark & Sons, C&A Gould, and Ludlow’s Granaries) and their product ranges have been sold exclusively by Copdock Mill ever since.
So, it was a difficult decision, but in order to offer retailers and consumers a product range that looks modern, yet retains the same quality mixes, the company felt it needed to develop one exclusive brand. The decision was made to combine ‘the very best of all the brands to give the pet trade a concise, modern branded product that delivers quality competitively whist maintaining the unique blends’.
SkyGold is available from HG Gladwell & Sons Ltd Copdock Mill.