Charity Runs Golden Oldies Campaign



Charity runs Golden Oldies campaign
6th March 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Kane and Kaya, are two older Staffordshire bull terriers who are looking for a new home together
It can take longer to rehome an older animal in RSPCA care so the animal welfare charity is highlighting the benefits of adopting a ‘Golden Oldie’.
Figures show it takes about two weeks to rehome young dogs and cats (less than six months old), but it takes more than three times longer to rehome dogs and more than twice as long to rehome cats aged over three. 
The outlook for horses is slightly different as they live much longer. Between the age of three and 10 it can take more than 400 days to rehome an equine but this reduces once they are 10 years or older.
The RSPCA has launched its Golden Oldies scheme to raise money to care for these senior citizens, who might need a bit more care and attention than younger animals in the charity’s centres.
Dr Jane Tyson, scientific officer at the RSPCA said: “It is heartbreaking to see an older animal spend their twilight years in a cattery, kennel or centre stables. Plenty of pets are young at heart and every animal is an individual so one of these oldies could be the perfect addition to your home.”