Billy Margot Set To Become Global Brand



Billy + Margot set to become global brand
1st December 2017

By Sandra Pearce
The Billy + Margot brand is being redeveloped and will launch a range of super premium dog food products across dry, wet, chilled and raw formats.
Billy + Margot’s parent company the Real Pet Food Co, which is based in Australia, has been acquired by a consortium comprising Chinese agribusiness company New Hope Group, Beijing private equity firm Hosen Capital and the Singapore government-backed investment vehicle Temasek in a A$1 billion sale.
Its new owners have ambitious plans for the Real Pet Food Company to become one of the world’s top five pet food companies from its current 15th position. The Billy + Margot brand is being redeveloped and will be used as a main weapon in its US and UK expansion plans.
Billy + Margot founder Marie Jones said: “From its humble beginnings in 2012, Billy + Margot has had an extraordinary journey from BBC Dragons’ Den in the UK to the Australian acquisition in 2016. 
“This latest announcement is another exciting development which will see Billy + Margot launch a range of super premium dog food products covering four key areas of pet food nutrition; dry, wet, chilled and raw. What started as a one product, UK-based company, is now becoming a global brand, which is very exciting.”
The New Billy + Margot brand will be showcased at Interzoo 2018.
The Real Pet Food Co, formerly known as VIP Pet Foods, has seven plants in Australia and two in New Zealand. Its CEO David Grant said high-spending pet-owning millennials in North America and China are behind strong growth rates.
The company is experiencing double-digit growth and is on course to deliver sales of A$500 million in 2017-18. It employs 900 staff and produces 200,000 tonnes of pet food annually. He added: “The plan is to get into the top five, with the United States, China and Europe are the main planks of expansion.”