News 13m Factory Expands Capacity By 50 000 Tonnes



£13m factory expands capacity by 50,000 tonnes
5th October 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Premier Nutrition has invested £13.1 million investment in a new production facility at Fradley Park, in Staffordshire to take it ‘to the forefront of premix manufacture’.

In its most automated factory to date, the company says it is bringing the integrity and rigour of the consumer food industry to the animal feed industry. Premix is a critical component in feed manufacture and product safety is paramount.

“From the global sourcing of premix ingredients to the despatch of a finished product, Premier Nutrition is committed to being leaders in risk management, giving our customers confidence and peace of mind,” said Premier Nutrition’s general manager, Chris Rackham.

The new factory expands the company’s production capacity by more than 50,000 tonnes per year, adding to existing facilities at the company headquarters in Rugeley.


“Fradley Park represents a significant investment in the future of our business and the industry. The new site gives us the opportunity to embrace the latest in industrial design and take premix manufacture to a new level in response to increasing demands from customers. We put high value on product integrity and always aim to exceed customer expectations.”

The new factory at Fradley Park has started low level production with a phased increase over the next three months.
Premier Nutrition manufactures and supplies premix and supplement products to feed and pet food manufacturing customers in the UK and globally. It employs multi-species nutrition experts offering nutrition consultancy and technical support and uses more than 700 raw ingredients to manufacture nearly 2,000 different premix formulations, despatched to 36 countries.