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‘Social’ life earns felines a fortune
9th December 2019

Lil Bub, one of the internet’s most famous cats has died, aged eight.

The famous feline was best known for her unique appearance, including permanently stusck-out tongue and bulbous eyes.

Lil Bub, who had several disorders including dwarfism, was rescued when she was a kitten by American Mike Bridavsky. Together the pair raised more than £500,000 for animal charities and Bub herself attracted more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

To celebrate Lil Bub’s life and the legacy she leaves, Lancashire pet food business Webbox Natural has scoured the internet for the unique and loved pets who, like, Lil Bub have millions of followers on social media – and who probably earn more money than the average Brit!

These are the pets who have also stolen the hearts of millions worldwide:
- Tuna the Chiweenie [2.1m followers] –
- Wolfgang [909k followers] –
- Doug the Pug [3.8m followers] –
- Marnie the dog [1.8m followers] –
- Pumpkin the raccoon [1.4m followers] –
- Smoothie the Cat [2.1m followers] –
- Wilfred Warrior [1.2m followers] –
- Lil Bub [2.4m followers] –

Camille Ashforth, senior brand manager at Webbox Natural, said: “All of us at Webbox Natural are devastated to hear Lil Bub has passed away, as she was clearly such a special cat.

“The bond Lil Bub had with her owner was beautiful and so genuine and she was a great advocate for rescue animals, as well as those who look a little less than ordinary.

“Perfect in her own way, Lil Bub celebrated the ‘underdog’ and we are sure that, together with her owner, the pair encouraged thousands of people across the world to rescue a pet in need – instead of buying a ‘perfect’ puppy or kitten online.

“It’s incredible to see the rise of the pet-influencer and Lil Bub was a great example of an influencer using their status for good, raising thousands for charity and raising awareness about adopting animals, too.”

You can compare your pay packet with six of the biggest furry stars in the world, thanks to a calculator at