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The RSPCA has listed its funniest rescues of 2019.
A Chihuahua had a lucky escape when a bird of prey tried to snatch it.
An obese cat has become an online sensation after a video of its lacklustre workout effort went viral.
An Australian sheep that made headlines for the record-breaking weight of its fleece has died.
Scientists have taught a group of rats to drive small cars as part of research on their stress levels.
A bear that has been compared to the Michelin Man has been named the winner of a viral Fat Bear competition.
A boarder collie has become a foster mum to a litter of kittens.
A shire horse has been rescued after falling into a sewage pit.
Police responding to reports of a traffic hazard in an Oregon neighbourhood identified the cause – an enormous tortoise that had escaped from its owner’s home.
A dog has become an Internet sensation after catching a ride on a redesigned moped carrier.
Squirreling away supplies for winter took on a whole new meaning for a US couple when they discovered an entire stash of walnuts and grass in their car engine.
A video of an animal being stroked has sparked an online debate over whether it shows a raven or a rabbit.
Staff at a Merseyside freight company got the shock of their lives when a 2ft lizard crawled out of a shipment of sandstone from India.
A woman has been reunited with her dog 12 years after it went missing.
A kind-hearted pilot stopped his plane after noticing a baby hedgehog on the runway while preparing for take-off.
Passengers on an American Airlines flight to Omaha, Nebraska, were shocked to find themselves sharing the aisle with a pony.
A video of a creature being called a ‘zombie snail’ has gone viral on Twitter.
Two members of staff at Hartpury are making a difference to the well-being and mental health of students.
Oxfordshire mother and daughter Lucy and Hannah Darch got more than they bargained for when they bought a new horse – the arrival of a surprise foal.
A molly fish weighing just one gram has become the UK’s smallest surgery patient after vets removed a tumour from its abdomen.
A cat was left needing a glucose drip after it mated with at least five females in a single night.
A horse was seen waiting for the train on a station platform on the Tyne and Wear Metro.
A Romanian rescue dog has been recognised with the Mirror’s Animal Hero Rescue Award.
A raccoon attempting to score a free snack wound up getting trapped inside a vending machine at a Florida high school.
A puppy from an animal rescue charity in South Wales has moved into Downing Street with PM Boris Johnson.
A kitten apparently making a ‘quacking’ sound has become an Internet star.
Police removed 25,000 bees that were clinging on to a metal awning at a Staten Island Ferry terminal in the US.
A major convenience store in Japan has closed one of its shops after videos of rats scurrying across its floor and dropping from its shelves were widely shared online.
A duck is walking more comfortably after a Tennessee vet crafted a pair of orthopaedic shoes from mats bought in a local hardware store.
Four orphaned baby hedgehogs have been saved thanks to an Oxfordshire vet practice.
A couple who scooped a £1m lottery scratch card prize have thanked their cat, six-year-old ginger tom Shortcake, for their good fortune.
A highly venomous snake that was on the loose in a German city has been captured after a five-day hunt.
A panda has given birth to twins at a zoo in Germany – the first time for the country.
A 13-year-old Border collie from Leicester is being honoured by the PDSA after helping his owner collect more than 7,500 bags of litter.
A family found a hungry giant lizard in their kitchen.
A man in Coral Springs, Florida, America, got the surprise of his life when he was bitten by a snake that slithered out of his toilet.
A tiny kitten survived being run over by a tractor and plough – and was completely unscathed.
A stowaway snake was found in a man’s bag after he completed a trip from Florida to Hawaii.
A museum where visitors can see fermented shark, spicy rabbit heads and bull penises has opened in Malmö, Sweden.
A 27-foot python has been filmed wrestling with a group of fishermen in Indonesia.
Organisers of a pet event in Ohio, in the US, have broken a Guinness World Record for the largest dog photo-shoot.
A cattle drive event in Colorado Springs, USA, went awry when a longhorn made a break for freedom.
A giant tortoise has been reunited with its owner after the ‘world’s slowest police chase’.
A couple have transformed the spare bedroom in their home so it is ‘perfect’ for their pet sloth.
McDonald’s staff had a surprise guest when a snake was found abandoned in the restaurant.
A lurcher that had spent more than a third of its life in kennels has finally found a family – more than 200 miles away.
A black bear was found sleeping in a wardrobe after apparently locking itself in.
An esaped snake has been reunited with its owner after spending three weeks under a car bonnet.
A US woman took a cat she had rescued into her home to feed him…without realising that it was a wild bobcat.
Doctors in Thailand found a live tick crawling inside a woman’s ear.