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Tourists were left stunned as millions of red crabs closed roads and covered bridges on their annual migration in Australia.
Amateur photographer Ken Jensen has been named the Overall Winner of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020.
A British bulldog had emergency surgery after swallowing a child’s rubber duck.
A man caught a huge alligator and later discovered that it had eaten an ancient artefact that had been undiscovered for 6,000 years.
A Californian woman hasn’t been able to take a trip in more than two years – because her adopted pet toucan, Touki, doesn’t want to be parted from her.
A pet owner has discovered her robot vacuum cleaner has been having a hard time cleaning the floors of her house because the dog won’t get up off the floor.
A pair of unruly pet cows have been caught red handed after breaking into a house, trashing the furniture and defecating on the carpet.
Fire services and the RSPCA rescued an elderly cat that was stranded after climbing out of a fourth-storey window.
Twenty-one wild goats have been rescued in an RSPCA Cymru-led operation  after they ventured on to a treacherous outcrop on the Great Orme in North Wales.
A kitten was rescued from a car engine after travelling about 230 miles from Wales to Leeds.
A cat rescued four years ago as a stray in the US now works in a pediatric eye care clinic.
A British holiday business has launched a new service offering a limited edition range of dog tipis, describing them as ‘the pawfect addition to your glamping trips withyour furry best friend’!
A woman who thought it would be nice to have hens in her backyard has been forced to give them up after they disrupted the council estate.
A cat that has been dubbed a ‘miracle’ after surviving alone for 16 days after being hit by a bus is now looking for a new home.
A dog owner was shocked when her excited cocker spaniel discovered a rude item on his morning walk.
A statue has been unveiled in Islington Green, London, to celebrate the life and legacy of the world famous street cat, Bob.
A moggy has been appointed a railway station’s official chief mouse catcher.
A three-legged moggy who helps a six-year-old boy with severe learning difficulties and medical conditions has been named National Cat of the Year 2021.
Paddleboarding with a pooch is becoming increasingly popular in the US – especially at Bear Creek Lake Park in Colorado, with many dogs wearing life jackets.
A woman used seagulls to get revenge on rowdy campers who kept her awake all night. So, early the next morning, she scattered bread all over the roof of their caravan.
A former rescue dog has been melting hearts after taking a litter of kittens under HIS wing.
A tiny dog is winning hearts all around the world after a video emerged of her appearing to say ‘hello’.
A runaway Hermann’s tortoise has finally been found a whole year after he went missing, having travelled just over half a mile at an average speed of only 0.00007mph!
An Oxfordshire man has revealed the life-changing impact that his assistance dog from Dogs for Good has made.
A car engine was found to be purring for a good reason in Stockton-on-Tees – a tiny kitten was found trapped in the chassis.
Many people daydream about what they might do if they run into a favourite celebrity.
Oregon resident Kate Felmet put up a sign that said ‘My cat is a thief’ in an effort to return gloves, hats and other items stolen by Esme, her black feline.
A specialist RSPCA Cymru team has rescued a lamb in the Llŷn Peninsula who was stuck on a cliff edge and was being pecked by birds.
A plucky teenager shoved a mother bear off a wall at her Los Angeles home when the bear, which was walking along the top of the wall with two cubs, swatted at and grabbed one of the girl’s small dogs.
A video of an ex-sniffer dog has gone viral after it showed his reaction to the word ‘cocaine’.
A facebook video showing a cat massaging a sheep has attracted more than 14 million views.
A tiger with toothache has had its fractured canine tooth fixed in a marathon operation.
A US hotel chain is seeking its first canine ambassador to promote the hotel’s dog-friendly policies.
A Police Service Northern Ireland dog handler has raised nearly £6,000 in memory of her dog, RPD Dino, for the charity that supported him.
A cat owner was shocked to discover that her pet kitten was actually an incredibly rare wolf-cat.
A 100kg mastiff called Galahad – who made news around the world after a Dogs Trust appeal to find his forever home – has been adopted.
George may not be the fastest animal on wheels, but steady wins the race!
A Vicar at a North Yorkshire church is no longer the only one with a dog collar after welcoming a loyal four-legged parishioner to the congregation.
For humans, it’s easy to ignore outside noises while at home, such as the sound of traffic or delivery drivers dropping off packages.
President and First Lady Joe and Jill Biden are to adopt a female cat in the near future to join a pack that already includes two adopted German shepherds.
A new study of thousands of forum posts by pet owners, conducted by, has analysed opinions to discover which breeds are causing the most chaos in the home.
Five rescue cats are getting used to human company again by becoming bookworms!
Dogs that guard resources, snap and appear grumpy may be more easily trained by a stranger than their happy-go-lucky counterparts, researchers from Eotvos Lorand University have reported in Animals.
A man had a lucky escape after he filmed himself handling and even licking a ‘slimy’ creature he stumbled across on the beach – completely ignorant of the danger it posed.
A puppy has been reunited with her owners in Cambridgeshire after being stolen and then turning up two weeks later – and 100 miles away in Kings Heath, near Birmingham!
Anheuser-Busch is offering one lucky dog an annual salary of US $20,000 and free pet insurance to be the brewer’s chief tasting officer for its Dog Brew brand of alcohol-free bone broth for dogs.
A collie that ended up in rescue when she lost her hearing and could no longer work has learned sign language so she can continue rounding up livestock.
A strange-looking life form that looks like a discarded bit of rope has washed up on a beach.
A former Battersea dog kept busy throughout lockdown helping to ‘hand’ rear a tiny kitten that had been left homeless. 
Animal control officer Samantha Lane bought a stuffed purple unicorn for a stray dog she was called to remove from a department store in rural North Carolina in the US.