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Grumpy cat, the feline famous on the internet for her permanent scowl, has died aged seven after complications from a urinary tract infection.
A Tesco customer got more than he bargained for when he opened a bag of sugar snap peas and discovered a ‘free pet’ inside.
A photo has emerged of what a park ranger claims to be a ‘selfie’ of two posing gorillas.
When a homeowner, two hours west of Fort Worth, in Texas, started having problems with his cable reception, he crawled under his house to investigate.
A lost kitten was found hiding in a sofa at a waste-recycling centre in Slough, Berkshire, just as it was about to be incinerated!
A stowaway bird made a surprise appearance in business class during a long-haul Singapore Airlines flight.
Oliver the steer is a ‘Texas-sized’ pet, but his huge horns didn’t keep him out of a Petco store, an online video shows.
A cat has been reunited with her owner NINE years after she went missing!
A dog from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, has undergone life-saving emergency surgery after swallowing a video game.
A stubborn pet hedgehog refuses to eat anything other than chicken nuggets.
A pair of penguins that had been stolen from a zoo have been found in a village by police.
A Tinder-inspired App is helping farmers match up partners for their cattle.
A huge flock of birds closed part of a motorway in Austin, Texas.
About sixty-five sheep, which were trapped on cliffs in Pembrokeshire, have been rescued by the RSPCA after a 10-day operation.
Estonian workers have rescued a dog from a freezing river – without realising that it was actually a wolf.
A video has appeared online showing the moment that a panicked fawn was saved by a considerate motorist before being retrieved by its mum.
A woman has hit back at a retailer’s miniscule glittery party outfit by getting her terrier to model it.
Firefighters have rescued a mountain lion that was stuck in a tree outside a house in the California desert.
A video has emerged online of live fish raining across Malta.
A curious canine underwent surgery after swallowing a poo emoji soft toy.
A sow at a South Africa animal sanctuary has developed a love for colour and painting.
A Grandmother returned from a trip to Australia to discover a live snake curled up inside a shoe in her suitcase.
Seven firefighters rescued a giant rat after it got stuck in a manhole cover.
A pet insurance company in New Zealand has revealed its 10 most unusual pet care claims from 2018.
An otter has been caught on camera running around the aisles of an Irish supermarket.
A Chihuahua has become an online sensation after pictures of him globetrotting went viral.
A woman has revealed that she dyed her great Dane pink and even paints her nails in a bid to stop strangers being afraid of her.
A vlogger took an elderly dog with three legs from a rescue centre on a shopping spree to cheer it up.
A man has been sent running in panic after finding a snake in his toilet while his home was being renovated.
A rescue dog who helped wake his owner from a coma has qualified as a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog.
A huge pulsating leech has been removed from a pensioner’s throat after he complained for more than two months about his itchy cough.
A wandering cockerel, found on a building site in Herne Bay, Kent, has been rescued by the RSPCA.
A new dog-grooming trend has seen people putting glitter on their pooches’ testicles.
A black cat disrupted a Premier League game by invading the pitch.
A chicken lover has become such good friends with her rescue bird that they sunbathe, shop and watch TV together.
A professional dog walker has told how skills from a recent PDSA first aid course helped to save the life of a dog in her care.
A man has discovered dozens of dead cockroaches inside a phone in a house in Australia.
A farmer was left shocked after his goat gave birth to a ‘half-pig, half-human’ creature.
A woman was left ‘raging’ after she found a dead mouse in a bag of pet food.
A former Crufts champion has a new spring in her step after life-changing hydrotherapy rehabilitation for a serious leg injury.
A Staffie that was rescued by the RSPCA has been rehomed and has befriended her new family’s pet lizard.
A cat has been saved by vets after swallowing some sewing thread.
A supermarket customer was left stunned when he discovered a live frog inside a pack of green salad he had bought at a supermarket in Greece, Yahoo7 News reported.
A foul-mouthed African grey parrot has been filmed giving his verdict on Donald Trump – branding the US President a “w*****” in a video that has appeared online.
A vet has dressed up as a giant mouse to calm the nerves of a rescue dog with anxiety problems.
A pet hamster, trapped in a tiny pipe for six days, has been freed thanks to a small wire ladder.
A pet cockatoo has been banned  from eating her favourite treats after getting fatty liver from over-indulgence.
An image that has appeared online has left many scratching their heads as to whether the animal is actually a cat or a crow.
The Pets ‘n’ Vets Family has carried out a pioneering operation on a pet rabbit with a fractured hind leg.
A fight broke out at a zoo after a gay penguin couple took a chick whose mum and dad had left it unattended.