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The Ornamental Fish International (OFI) held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom last month, attended by more than 30 members from across the globe.
Interpet has launched two new aquarium products – Plant Food and Plant CO2 – so plants receive the right nutrients to enable them to flourish without nitrates and phosphates, encouraging optimum growth without stimulating algae.
The JBL Protemp Cooler, which has proved popular with fishkeepers during hot summer months, has been given an upgrade.
Apple snails can again be imported and sold in England, Scotland and Wales (but not Northern Ireland) after the genus Pomacea was removed from the list of quarantined pests in legislation passed in January.
The Blue Reef Aquarium has reopened its doors following a lengthy coronavirus lockdown.
Members of the King British Team have been lending a hand at The National Turtle Sanctuary, helping to create a new pond for the inhabitants.
The RSPCA is calling for the giving of pets as prizes to be banned and is urging local authorities across England and Wales to act to protect ‘misunderstood’ goldfish.
Specialist imports of aquatic plants attract increased fees from the first of June.
A leading UK pond specialist has created two new products to help tackle common pond problems.
Companies eager to show off their new products have revealed that the return of AQUA 2021 is a crucial moment in the aquatics and water gardening industry as the UK continues to unlock covid-19 restrictions.
Land around an electricity substation in Suffolk has been transformed for local wildlife after a pond was restored to allow Great Crested Newts to potentially breed there.
An otter with expensive tastes has been filmed eating more than £1,000 worth of koi fish from a garden pond.
A Canadian pet superstore chain has stopped selling aquarium livestock in a bid to halt the spread of an invasive species.
The worldwide ornamental fish market was valued US $6,800m in 2019 and is forecast to reach $11,336.47m by 2025, according to a new report.
Aquatics firm Oase UK is benefiting from an upsurge in fishkeeping activity that has resulted since the first covid-19 lockdown last year.
Community fisheries in Utah are being devastated by koi that have been released by their owners.
There has been a massive rise in pet ownership since the start of the first lockdown last year, with an estimated 3.2 million households acquiring a ‘pandemic pet’, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association.
A US survey of aquascapers found that the hobby was’ fun and affordable’.
OATA’s chief executive Dominic Whitmee has accepted an offer to become an advisor on Shoal’s Advisory Group. Shoal is a world leading global conservation initiative focused entirely on freshwater species.
Country music stars in the US have performed a live-stream concert in aid of aquariums impacted by the pandemic.
A citizens science project is collecting data on the number of terrapins and turtles found released into the wild in the UK.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA), which represents more than 800 UK aquatic retailers, has responded to a government call for evidence on moving animals across borders.
Leading pet and aquatics company Interpet has launched a new range of energy-efficient LED lighting providing maximum brightness to create a beautiful, healthy aquarium – making fish shine and plants flourish.
Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou, managing director of leading aquarium manufacturer Eheim Group, shares with us his vision for the next year and beyond
UK trade body OATA has responded to comments made by the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, describing them as ‘unjustified and showing a lack of proper research’ into the way live ornamental fish are transported.
The WWF is warning that the UK is ‘no exception’ when it comes to the loss of freshwater fish species, as a new report exposes the dire outlook for populations across the world.
An International consortium of governments, universities and non-governmental organisations is studying great white shark behaviour in the northwest Atlantic ocean to prevent human-shark conflict and protect both species.
TV gardener David Domoney aims to encourage more people to add water features to their homes and gardens as he enters a new partnership with OASE.
Vets at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine put a woman’s ailing pet seahorse into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to cure him of gas bubble disease, which is similar to decompression sickness or ‘the bends’, a condition that occurs in scuba divers who surface too quickly.
The price of Hawaiian tropical fish is set to soar following a court ruling banning commercial marine aquarium fishing.
Aquaja – a Dutch specialist in pet and aquatic shop fitting – has fitted the first shop in the UK with its Economy Line Aquaria Stand system.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) has sent a letter to government ministers seeking urgent action to resolve problems of importing livestock and products into the UK, which have arisen since the end of the Brexit transition period in January.
A new film exploring the artisanal fishing trade for the home aquarium industry in Brazil has been released on Vimeo.
Penguins at the London Aquarium have been enjoying festive films in a bid to help them prepare for visitors post-lockdown.
BBC Radio 4 consumer programme ‘You and Yours’ featured the growing popularity of fish keeping in its early December programme. During lockdown many people took on a new pet – not just cats and dogs, fish found a new fan-base too.
Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou, MD of the aquatics group EHEIM, has been crowned manager of the year by a French trade publication.
It’s not often you get to share Sunday brunch with sharks and a turtle but that’s exactly what two divers did in an effort to raise money for cancer research.
The man behind a project to support Amazonian ornamental fisheries, Scott Dowd, has received a major award for his work.
With less than a month to go until the end of the Transition Period, the government is urging businesses and consumers to check online guidance around importing and exporting products that are covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
Aquatic retailers are being urged to check the credentials of courier companies if they have recently begun to use them to transport live fish.
Aquatic retailers and water garden centres are being urged to get behind the Be Plant Wise campaign this autumn, to help prevent the spread of invasive species.
Three new faces were welcomed to the OATA Board at the trade association’s annual general meeting, which for the first time was held on Zoom.
An aquarium in California has experienced a tripling of visits to its webcam since it was forced to close to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic in March.
An aquatic pet store lost many of its fish when authorities mistakenly cut off the shop’s power supply during a raid on an illegal gambling den.
Aquariums and zoos could be facing the worst financial winter in memory, the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums (BIAZA) has warned.
The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA) has welcomed Dr Matthew Bond to the team as its new scientific and technical adviser.
The EHEIM Professional 5e external aquarium filter has received an award for innovation from a French trade ublication.
Global trade associations and other bodies have written a letter of concern to CITES about its proposed approach to reviewing the trade in and conservation of marine ornamental fish, as agreed by the 18th Conference of the Parties in 2019.
German aquatics company EHEIM has optimised its website to include an array of new features.
Evolution Aqua has launched an advanced new filtration system to further enhance its leading koi pond filters.