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Internationally recognised Aquascaper, American- based Luis Navarro, impressed visitors with his aquascaping demonstrations.
Coral cover around Great Barrier Reef islands has almost halved over the last 18 years, says a new study.
Hikari revealed a new first, Vibra Bites, formulated for tropical fish that prefer live food.
Cloverleaf, home to the top-selling natural blanketweed remover Blanket Answer, launched a number of new products at AQUA 2019.
NT Labs has relaunched its marine range, with new products and a new design.
A Welsh council has voted unanimously to ban the giving of pets as prizes on land controlled by the local authority.
First-time exhibitor Aqualine is a wholesaler specialising in tropical fish, live and frozen fish food, and aquatic plants, and makes weekly deliveries to the UK from the Netherlands.
An aquascaping event organised by an aquatics retailer sold out months in advance, and reaction was so good that he will host another event next year.
With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock
A further 17,000 fish have been reintroduced into Lincolnshire’s River Witham by Environment Agency teams as part of ongoing efforts to help the river recover from last year’s devastating pollution.
The UK’s first marine park in Plymouth is set to ‘lead way in ocean innovation’.
German aquatics manufacturer JBL has won a Bronze award in the pond accessories category of the Animal Challenge award in Paris.
A local council has voted unanimously to ban the giving away of goldfish as prizes on council land.
An aquatics retailer has been featured in the latest Parliamentary Review, and is thought to be the first aquatics retailer to appear in the publication.
UK fishkeepers spend around £400m each year on their hobby, on sectors including livestock, aquariums, equipment, decoration, supplements, test kits and fish food.
The UK’s first aquarium for extinct-in-the-wild freshwater fish has opened at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
Clear View Garden Aquarium will be running a competition on its stand at AQUA 2019, which runs from October 16 to 17 at the Telford International Centre. 
Scientists have just added a large, sucker-mouthed fish to the growing list of centenarian animals.
Velda reveal humourous water features at AQUA 2019 in the shape of The Big Belindas.
Within 12 months, Great Yarmouth Sea Life has passed all the necessary requirements to become a full member of BIAZA, the professional body representing the best zoos and aquariums in the UK and Ireland.
After the film Finding Nemo became a worldwide hit, reports of skyrocketing clownfish sales soon followed. The film’s sequel, Finding Dory, prompted fears that the royal blue tang, another popular character in the movie, would suffer a similar fate.
Velda will be launching its AquaTesterPro at AQUA 2019 this month.
Leading UK water garden product company Blagdon has launched a series of ‘how-to’ videos to support retailers selling its new Liberty 200 pump while also attracting a younger social media-driven audience.
With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock
Two aquatic plants have been added to the European Union’s list of EU concern for invasive species.
The Animal and Plant Health Agency has given notice that it intends to raise fees to inspect plants coming into the UK by an average of 11%.
Heritage Distribution is returning to AQUA 2019 and is running a competition for retailers to win a year’s supply of salt.
A pet shop worker has launched a petition calling on the Welsh Assembly to ban goldfish being given away as prizes at fairs.
A seven-foot long dead arapaima weighing 108kg found floating dead in a lake in Malaysia has left residents baffled, reports the Mirror.
Aquatics chain Maidenhead Aquatics has bought the Par garden centre in Cornwall.
Waterlife has introduced its new countertop display for retailers.
The Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay is celebrating its resident turtle’s ten-year anniversary.
Aquarium owners can now test the most important water values of their aquarium water in 63 seconds, including CO2 levels.
When Matthew Groombridge decided to pop the question to his girlfriend of three years, he enlisted the help from scuba divers and the team at Great Yarmouth Sea Life to boost his prospects of getting the right answer.
International trade body Ornamental Fish International has entered a partnership with a Chinese organisation to promote the ornamental fish industry in China.
EHEIM has been voted as one of the most popular brands in Germany in the 2019 Customer Favorites study by Focus Money and Deutschland Test.
With growing interest in planted tanks, hobbyists are always on the look-out for what’s new or different in the hobby. Aquadip’s Joey Abrahams has hints of what retailers can stock
Researchers from Flinders University in South Australia have found that increasing artificial light at night masks natural cues, which prompts clownfish eggs to hatch.
 The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association has written to the Sentencing Council after a man was disqualified from keeping all animals except goldfish.
Two beluga whales have arrived safely after a 6,000-mile journey from China to Iceland, says the Sea Life Trust.
Aquatics retailer Swallow Aquatics says it intends to focus on its core business and is therefore selling a garden centre that it owns.
Ornamental Fish International has elected two new members to its Board of Advisors members at its Annual General Meeting.
After years of research and development, NT Labs has launched Liquid Filter into its Aquarium Range. 
Now that LED lighting has become a feature of the vast majority of aquariums, it’s time to test fertiliser compositions and perhaps re-adjust dosages, suggests JBL.
Award-winning German aquatics manufacturer EHEIM is celebrating its 70 years in the industry.
Tetra has updated its AquaSafe water conditioner with an enhanced anti-stress formula to help support fish health and well-being, especially during water changes.
If ever there is a plant that is suited to large tanks, this is it. Aponogeton boivianus is a large plant – its leaves can grow to a massive 70cm, with a width of 7cm. 
 Aquatics chain Maidenhead Aquatics has agreed to buy a garden centre from Wyevale Garden Centres.
Fluval has won Brand of the Year Award for Aquatic Products – Water Filters at the World Branding Awards Animalis Edition, which took place on July 3 in Vienna, Austria, at the Hofburg Presidential Palace.
Fluval has launched Plant Gro Plus, and all-in-one micro-nutrient formula with added iron.