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Licensed to chill!

Herbal expert Dorwest Herbs has the perfect solution for keeping pets calm this firework season with its ‘Licensed to Chill’ campaign.

Licensed medicine Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and herbal supplement Valerian Compound are the ideal way to manage pet’s anxiety and noise phobias, so owners won’t have to worry about them being shaken or stirred, they’ll just be perfectly chilled!

Dorwest’s special offer Calming Product Pack contains the most popular sizes of the above products, displayed in a newly-branded display box. It’s the perfect size for any counter and can be purchased for the very special offer price of £65 + VAT, and retails for £138.50 (inc VAT).

A free support kit is also available containing a poster and information leaflets. To order yours call 01308 897272, email  or visit