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Aqua One to showcase over 250 lines at AQUA 2015

Aqua One, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, will show over 250 products at this month’s AQUA 2015.

Taking centre stage are the stunning AquaVogue aquariums, which launched to the aquatics trade last December. The company says demand was so great it outstripped supply, such that in February, Aqua One was forced to stop accepting new dealers for the range.

However, the issue has been resolved, and Telford’s aquatics trade show will be the first opportunity for many retailers to ‘get on board with the range’.

The aquariums come with external Ocellaris filters, heaters and the full-spectrum LED I-bar with digital timer and blue night light function. Approved dealers can sell the aquariums from £424.99, each of which comes with a free cabinet.
The aquatics manufacturer is also launching the I-bar LEDs. A spokesman said: “These Juwel Rio aquarium-compatible I-bars are an extended version of our proven AquaVogue LEDs, which are perfect for tropical and reef set-ups.”

The I-bar LEDs allow hobbyists to continue using existing Juwel flaps but get the benefit of up to twice the light output compared to T5 lighting. They also get the shimmer effect from using LEDs, and can enjoy lower running costs. “Oh, and you don’t need to replace tubes each year,” he added. 

Aqua One is also launching two new sizes of the popular MiniReef range. The MiniReef 90 and 120 tanks first appeared on the UK market in late July, selling over £150,000 worth of units in just two months. The company is now introducing a smaller and larger size.

The company’s national sales manager Martin Robinson is convinced the company’s AquaVue aquarium range will ‘shake up the market’. The range, he said, offers proven traits from the outgoing AquaStyle tanks, IE curved glass and trickle filters, but with ‘a modern twist to the design’. He said: “Add LED lights and it is the complete package.”

The AquaVue tanks have SSPs from £99.99 to £199.99 for a tank and cabinet package, ticking the value-for-money boxes.

Finally, Aqua One is displaying its expanded Vibrance plant range. The plants have so far proved very popular with retailers, with over 35,000 having been sold over the last 12 months – one retailer alone sold over 600.

Although the plants were first shown as a private product launch last October, this is their first public showing.

AQUA 2015 is being held at the Telford International Centre, on Wednesday, Oct 14, and Thursday, October 15. Aqua One will be on stand C1 in Hall 2.