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Tetra has refreshed two of its most popular water care solutions, AquaSafe and EasyBalance and improved formulae for optimal aquarium care. This follows research which highlights that 86% of fishkeepers rarely test their aquarium water* as they don’t understand the importance of doing so.

When it comes to solutions for maintaining healthy aquariums, only 44% of consumers are aware of solutions with beneficial bacteria while only 33% are familiar with products that positively influence water values. This highlights a need to better educate fishkeepers*.

To support retailers in educating consumers on the importance of water care, Tetra has developed a simple three-step programme for fishkeepers. By following these 3 simple steps fishkeepers can help promote good health and longevity by neutralising harming substances and providing vitamins, minerals and essential live bacteria to ensure a positive fishkeeping experience.


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* Source = Tetra/VIP Survey - Aug 15