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Showcase variety in your store to drive sales of treats

The dog treats sector has experienced an impressive double-digit growth* in recent years, as now more than ever pet owners are keen to pamper their pets by continuing to invest in small indulgences.  For retailers, this is a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on this lucrative market.

Health and indulgence requirements
Despite a growing concern for pets’ health there has been a substantial volume increase in treat sales. More traditional treats with a high fat content or that have been manufactured with high sugar levels could face a challenge in light of this. However, 8in1 has used this as an opportunity for the development and promotion of a variety of healthy treats.

Showcase a variety of treats in store
In order to meet the increasing demand for healthy products retailers should be offering a variety of snack and treat foods, including those that offer specific health benefits.

8in1 MINIS – the healthy option
8in1 MINIS are bite-size treats which are a healthy supplement to every dog’s diet. They come in three unique flavours and are enriched with vitamins, low in fat and contain no added sugar or gluten, and are therefore also suitable for sensitive dogs.

The attractive, two-colour design – available in flower or ring shapes – and the meal-like composition of the products will also appeal to consumers in your store. Dog owners can be sure that by offering their pets the new 8in1 MINIS, they are giving them a healthy reward that not only tastes great, but also provides them with many essential nutrients.

8in1 Delights Dental are chewy rawhide snacks with wrapped chicken meat that offer even greater dental care and fresher breath, due to the added teeth-cleaning minerals.  Unlike other rawhide products, the dog will chew and consume every last piece of rawhide in order to get to the chicken wrapped in the middle.  Continued gnawing of these treats helps remove the plaque which so often leads to tartar formation and other dental problems. These products are available in a number of sizes and varieties to suit all dogs and are now also available in the new Delights Dental Sticks variety, suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

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