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Pet Business World turns the spotlight on companies that exhibited at the world’s largest pet trade show in Nuremberg May 26-29

3P Enterprise

Animate Pet Products


Company of Animals

Eden Pet Foods

Fish 1st (UK)

Rolf C. Hagen

Laughing Dog

Natures Menu

Pero Pet Food

Petlife International

Pet Munchies


Rosewood Pet Products



Symply Pet Foods

The TastyBone Company


3P Enterprise
3P Enterprise is exhibiting the Henry Wag brand for the first time at Interzoo. 3P created Henry Wag to deliver ‘exciting and innovative life-enhancing products which exceed the demands of devoted pet parents, enhance their relationship and define their attitudes to pet care’.

A spokesman said: “There is a major change afoot in the pet industry with focus on promoting best practice in pet care and changing attitudes to improve a pet’s health and well-being. This is driven by current research by PDSA and translates into public awareness and education through popular television shows and social media. As a leading innovator and developer of pet accessories, Henry Wag absolutely strives to be at the forefront of this cultural shift, driving the change for improvements in levels of pet care and offering products which influence how people care for their animals from day to day.

“The products developed under the Henry Wag brand come as a result of from the relationships 3P have built during 15 years of experience in the pet industry, listening to customer and consumer requirements and developing products to meet their needs and expectations.

“Henry Wag offers lifestyle products which influence attitudes to pet care and in turn provide a better, more caring lifestyle for pets. The products allow you to care and protect your pet on their journey through life. Henry Wag seeks to enable a full interactive relationship between pets and their parents and to simplify the tasks associated with this close relationship.”

Henry Wag and will be showing the Elevated Dog Bed, Pet Cool Mat, Pet Ramp, In-Car Pet Booster Seat and Boot and Bumper Protector. It can be found in Hall 9 Stand 506c.

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Animate Pet Products
Animate Pet Products is launching its new and exclusive Scarecrow Dog Toy range at Interzoo along with its water-activated Cooling Dog Coats and Mats.

The toys, currently a selection of five but with new additions in the pipeline, are ‘sure to become a firm family favourite’ and with strong pre-sales, are already proving to be a great success, says the company.

The water-activated Cooling Coats, with a mesh outer to improve airflow, are available in six sizes of coats.  

The Mats, which also have a waterproof base, come in three sizes (small, medium and large) and are ideal for hot, sunny days when a pet struggles to keep cool.

All are packaged in a sealable inner plastic bag, which helps to retain the moisture, and an outer plastic bag, complete with a handle for easy display.

As always, there will be a selection of the popular range of Outhwaite and Animate Waterproof Dog Coats, including the new Reflective Two-Tone coats in both the padded and unlined version.  In addition, the LED selection of products will also feature prominently on its stand.

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Aquaja, located in the Netherlands, is a Dutch company specialising in customised shop-fitting to display livestock. It has more than 20 years’ experience developing and producing store fixtures to display tropical fish, pond fish, rodents, reptiles and birds.

Aquaja's stand at Interzoo 2016: Hall 1, Stand 342

A spokesman said: “Our experienced specialists produce the pet and aquatic shop fittings. The quality and the appearance of our products is our main focus. Our strategy for 2017 is to expand our business into the UK market, for which we are looking for a freelance sales agent to represent our company.”

Aquaja specialises in customised pet and aquatics shop-fitting:
• Aquatics: It offers a wide range of aquarium units, available in multiple colours in anodised aluminium. The company can also offer a bespoke service to custom fit units to individial needs and wishes.
• Plants: Aquaja offers many different plant systems to house aquatic plants, which are available in various shapes and sizes. At InterZoo, it will exhibit alongisde its partner, Stoffels International B.V., a supplier of aquatics and pond plants, to showcase the complete package.
• Small animals: The company offers a variety of different products and sales solutions for the presentation of small animals. The spokesman added: “Our focus lies on the animal welfare, easy maintenance and the appearance of the cages and fixtures. You can always find a suitable solution for your animal shop, from wall units to complete sales islands suitable for many different small animal species. At Interzoo you can find a customised island with a wooden finish.”
Aquaja will also display a reptile unit, a bird unit and multiple aquariums.

Aquaja can be found at Hall 1, Stand 342.

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The Company of Animals
The Company of Animals is launching the HALTI Walking range at this year’s Interzoo. The company says the range has been designed for everyday dog walking and is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes that have been trained not to pull on the lead.

The range comes in four vibrant colours with two-tone webbing and incorporates safety features such as close control handles for instant dog restraint and 3M Scotchlite reflective weave for high visibility. Soft neoprene padding on collars, harnesses and lead handle loops provide comfort for both dog and owner.

The range contains 60 skus across five categories:

• HALTI Walking Harness
The HALTI Walking Harness offers five points of adjustment on the harness, ensuring a secure, comfortable fit for any size or shape of dog. The two lead clip rings on the dog’s chest and back provide essential points of control for more energetic dogs. Available in four sizes.

• HALTI Collar
The HALTI Collar incorporates a colourful two-tone design with a strong webbing outer and a soft yet durable neoprene lining. It is easy to adjust and the button-release clasp is strong and secure. There is an extra loop for name and microchip tags. Available in four sizes.

• HALTI All-In-One Lead
The HALTI All-In-One Lead is a multi-function lead that can be extended to use as a belt, making it ideal for running or hands-free control. The base of the lead has a strong elastic shock absorber protecting both dog and owner from sudden jolts. It can also double as a tie-out tether. Available in two sizes.

• HALTI Retractable Lead
The HALTI Retractable Lead gives freedom to dogs when walking and reassurance to the owner by keeping them safe and secure. With its ergonomic ‘gel grip’ handle and simple one click lock to adjust the lead length, this strong yet lightweight lead is suitable for both small and large breeds. Available in three sizes.

• HALTI Lead
The HALTI Lead is made from high-grade nylon with 3M Scotchlite reflective weave, while the handle is lined with soft neoprene for comfort. Available in two sizes.

The Company of Animals is at Hall 4, Stand 301.

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Eden Pet Foods
Founded in 2012, Eden Pet Foods is a family owned and run business based in Staffordshire, specialising in high meat content and grain-free dog and cat foods.

Initially developed for their own dogs, the product range has expanded to three dog food recipes and one cat food recipe. Developed in consultation with vets and nutritionists, the range has been developed with pets’ daily nutritional requirements in mind, so as to provide customers with a complete food that is suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes.

Eden Pet Foods stand at Interzoo 2016

Balanced with organic vitamins and minerals and a joint pack that includes well-known supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, the company says its customers can rest assured that its products are manufactured in Britain, using the very best British sourced ingredients.

It will be showcasing its range of 80% meat, 20% fruit and vegetable dog foods and 85/15 composition cat foods.

The company is looking to expand its existing overseas distributor market, which currently includes the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic and Malta, to gain a ‘more prominent position on the European pet food landscape’.

Managing director Paul Conquest, sales representative Simon George and BDM Daniel Coyne will be on hand to talk to visitors about the benefits of a high meat content diet and how Eden fits on the shelves of some of Europe’s biggest pet food outlets.

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Fish 1st (UK)
Fish 1st UK is a new pet production company based in Cornwall, close to one of the largest UK seafood processing companies so it can use the wide variety of fish species found in the Atlantic waters between Cornwall and Brittany.

Fresh fish is landed every day for processing and supply to large supermarkets and fish markets across the UK and Europe. This unique joint venture combines technical and production experience with the innovation of Robert and Jill Angell, known as ‘the seafood experts in the petfood industry’, who launched their first range of fish treats for dogs in 2004.

Off-the-shelf recipe products are available now, in bulk or in your own packaging, from cod, haddock, salmon, sea bass, lemon sole, mackerel, sardine and sprat.

A spokesman said: “Major strides in innovation, quality and access to a huge volume of raw materials have now enabled Fish 1st UK to be created, with over 60 fishing trawlers able to land their fresh fish daily for processing.

“New product development, including packaging, marketing and sales advice, is also available, with Fish 1st having the ability to create new and exclusive products for its customers world-wide.

“New products and recipes can be developed on an exclusive basis. Contact us to discuss your requirements.”

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Rolf C. Hagen

Rolf C. Hagen will be introducing its new name and an update of the famous Hagen H logo.  

A spokesman said: “The new logo represents the interconnectivity of its product brands, the transparency of the company along with its respect of the past and excitement for the future.

“The Hagen Group is a house of brands, rather than a branded house, and its recent investments in the dog and cat categories, along with continued leadership in aquatics and reptiles, points to its core strategy.

“Interzoo 2016 will see a new Hagen presence and in a new location! A central Hagen booth flanked by each major Hagen brand – independently represented yet still in connection with the core principles and values of the Hagen Group, A Family of Pet Brands since 1955.

“With the investment in its two pet consumables brands Nutrience and Zoë, the Hagen Group has shown where it believes its future lies. The exciting sales growth of Catit and Vesper, as well as Bomber, demonstrates the Hagen Group’s preoccupation with organic brand building through innovation and quality, and not  through line extensions and commodity products.

“Also important is the continued support of specialty brands Fluval, Exo Terra and HARI as these brands represent the Hagen Group’s leadership and its competencies as one of the innovators in the global pet industry.”

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Laughing Dog
This year, Fold Hill Foods will be exhibiting its three key brands: Pointer, which is the company’s most recent acquisition; Laughing Dog, its premium brand of slowly oven-baked completes, treats and mixer meals, and grain-free wet completes; and Chewdles, its mid-tier brand which specialises in treats.

Interzoo will be the first trade show to showcase all three of the company’s brands side by side.

Pointer has been exhibiting at Interzoo for eight years, and Fold Hill Foods has been attending it since 2000. Its key focus for the show will be Pointer and Laughing Dog.

Ann Child, Pointer sales manager, and Ryan Willey, sales manager for Fold Hill, will be at Interzoo and will be the main point of contact for anyone visiting the stand.

Fold Hill Foods at Interzoo 2016

This year will see the launch of Pointer’s Ovalis, a ‘One a Day’ biscuit – a product the company says it knows will be extremely popular. It contains seven of the popular Ovalis biscuits, which has had a recipe revamp to include a dental health claim and is presented in a hexagonal retail pack with a product window to showcase the biscuits.

Interzoo will also be a key opportunity to increase awareness of the growing Laughing Dog brand on an international platform.

Fold Hill will also use the show as a platform on which to take in the wide-ranging product development from around the world.

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Natures Menu
Having made huge progress in export markets over the past 24 months, Natures Menu is back exhibiting at Interzoo and aiming to live up to the success of 2014 when it was awarded one of the coveted innovation awards for its raw, freeze-dried snack range.

“We’ve been extremely busy creating delicious new varieties and making improvements to our premium Country Hunter Range and are very excited to exhibit these new products at Interzoo,” said head of marketing Emily Cannon.

Natures Menu’s grain- and gluten-free Country Hunter raw superfood and steam-cooked meals for dogs now boast an 80% real meat recipe, accompanied with 20% fruit and vegetables.

Europe’s leading experts in raw and natural feeding for cats and dogs will be showcasing four brand new complete and balanced adult meals and one puppy meal within its grain-free Country Hunter Raw Superfood 1kg range, accompanied by four new varieties within its Country Hunter 600g canned range.

The team is on Stand 506, in Hall 7A.

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Pero Pet Food
Pero Pet Food will be launching its new and improved recipes and showing its brand new packaging at Interzoo.

It is showing eight different products, including its new puppy recipe.

A spokesman said: “Our foods are packed with innovative ingredients and USPs. Like for like, our products rate better than our nearest competitors, as judged by the following independent comparison site,

“We believe our new range will provide you with a comprehensive spectrum of exciting products that will suit any dog owner.”

The company offers a highly competitive rate and strong POS material, giving retailers the ‘confidence to sell and earn a great profit margin’.

The spokesman added: “Our new and improved Pero premier range gives the trade an exciting, modern, ethical and premium product to stock, with fantastic profit margin opportunities.”

Pero will be showing in Hall 9, Stand 159

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Petlife International
Petlife International will once again be exhibiting at Interzoo, as part of the British Pavilion under the name ‘Petlife Vetbed’.  

Petlife at Interzoo 2016

Visitors will be able to see its internationally acclaimed Vetbed, the original and number one bedding for dogs and cats, which is made in the UK and now sold across the world.

A spokesman said: “This year we will be showcasing our 2016 Christmas non-slip Vetbed range, new for overseas customers, alongside the very popular latest addition to the range, the non-slip Vetbed in purple with white hearts, bones and paw prints.

“Petlife’s unique Flectalon reflective products, including Flectabed and 3 in 1 Dog Jackets, will also be on display; as well as the KarmaWrap, another innovative product made in the UK that is tested and proven to help reduce anxiety in dogs; plus the Safebed bedding range for rabbits, guinea pigs and small animals.”

Petlife’s comprehensive portfolio includes Harkers, a leading brand in pigeon care in the racing world, specialising in a range of popular feeds and treatments for racing pigeons.

With over 250 products in the Petlife catalogue, the Petlife International team can be found in Hall 9, Stand 506a, in the British Pavilion.

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Pet Munchies
Award-winning Pet Munchies will showcase three natural, gourmet ranges at Interzoo: its premium selection of dog treats, freeze-dried cat treats and training treats.

The moist dog treats are oven baked and available in four varieties: Venison, Lamb, Chicken and Duck. Pet Munchies says these can be used as a training aid, as they are made with 100% human-grade meat.

A spokesman said: “Dogs love the aroma of these quality treats, which may be purchased at an affordable price. A great source of vitamins A and E, low in salt, a superb healthy snack.”

With an RRP of £1.39, each packet contains five individually wrapped pieces, to keep each one fresh until needed.

Pet Munchies is also showing its premium freeze-dried cat treats, available as Gourmet Chicken Liver, Gourmet Beef Liver and Gourmet Fish Fillet.

The spokesman said: “They are super healthy and a rich source of vitamins and minerals including Omega 3 and antioxidants, which help maintain a healthy heart and promote healthy skin and coat. The high levels of calcium and selenium found in these treats is great for teeth and support joint mobility.”

The single-source protein treats, with an RRP of £1.39, are naturally hypoallergenic and easily digestible.

The company will also showcase its range of training treats available as Chicken, Liver & Chicken, and Sushi. The spokesman said: “Absolutely ideal for a small reward, training and agility, these come in bite-size pieces and are used and recommended by world champions.

“While maintaining everything that the Pet Munchies brand has always stood for, always with 100% natural human-grade meat or fish and always made using the finest quality ingredients, without any artificial flavours or colours, these tiny titbits come in a smaller bag, ideal for pockets, and really are a perfect solution for positive reinforcement training techniques.

All products contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

Pet Munchies can be found at Hall 9, stand 507C.

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Profleece is a family owned and run company supplying pet and vet bedding. All products are sourced and manufactured in the UK with the aim of producing products of the very highest quality.

Bob and Irene Forster (now joined by their son Paul) have been in the business for 35 years.

Managing director Bob said: “We work very hard to provide pet and vet bedding that is of a premium quality at an affordable price. We are continually adding new colours, designs and patterns to the range. The Profleece Ultimate range is the densest and strongest bedding on the market. Customers often inform us that they have had their Profleece in daily use for many years.”

Profleece pet and vet bedding is supplied to the pet and veterinary trade on four continents, and the company can supply customers with specific branding and design knitted into the bedding.

Bob added: “Although the production and supply of ProFleece bedding has grown dramatically year on year, necessitating transferring our business into our third premises in six years, all of our customers are valued equally. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a small pet shop or you own an international chain, we are here to help and advise you to promote and develop a long term relationship.”

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Rosewood Pet Products
Rosewood’s biggest, boldest and brightest stand at Interzoo to date will be filled with products that have been specially selected by Rosewood’s in-house pet lovers: a range of ‘hero’ products, exclusive brands and new June 2016 lines, for every type of pet.

A spokesman said: “At Rosewood, we’re people who love products for people who love pets. So when the opportunity came again to not only attend, but also display our pawfect products to the pet world at Interzoo, we took it with no hesitation.

“In all of Rosewood’s own-label products you can expect to find British design and inspiration, new product development, high quality and generally great ideas for pet and owner.

“You can find our market-leading products sold globally in a wide range of stores, where we offer branded, private label and own-label packaging to ensure we continue to satisfy the key requirements of our customers.”

The company will be drawing attention to its BioSafe, Treat Launcher and Super Tough Toys ranges.

Rosewood can be found in Hall 9, stand 329 .

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Once again Scruffs will be exhibiting at Interzoo, its fifth time exhibiting at the show – its first show was in 2008, just three years after the company was founded.

Building upon the success of previous years, Scruffs has increased its stand to over 115m3 in order to showcase its extensive pet bedding collection, and has themed it as The Scruffs Country Manor.

Visitors to the stand can expect to see its innovative bedding collections, such as self-heating beds, recycled beds, water resistant and memory beds. As well as its full range of premium bedding there will be some new additions, including chew-resistant bedding and thermal dog coats using reflective technology.

The Scruffs Country Manor Interzoo 2016.

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SureFlap, the UK-based pet technology specialist, has a simple mission – to develop smart pet products that improve the way we care for our pets. Exhibiting in the British pavilion at Interzoo (Stand 9-503b), the company will be showcasing a selection of new products alongside its existing award-winning microchip pet doors and the SureFeed range of feeders and bowls.
In the SureFeed range the company will be showing the recently launched SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl, designed to keep food fresher for longer and free of flies.

A new range of SureFeed accessories will also be on display, which were developed based on feedback from retailers and consumers. This includes a multi-pack of accessories for the microchip pet feeder and a steel bowl.
SureFlap will also preview the first in an exciting family of new connected products, which will provide pet owners with a holistic view of their pet’s health and wellbeing.

Dr Nick Hill explained the evolution of the company and its plans for the future: “Over the last 10-15 years our pets have become established as valued members of the family with unique requirements. The trend of health monitoring products has already crossed over into the pet sector and the next generation of pet tech products will give owners a better understanding of their pet’s health and wellbeing, thus further enhancing their bond.”

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Symply Pet Foods
Symply Pet Foods is a British family-owned business that is dedicated to producing the finest dog and cat food brands.  

Symply, launched in 2009, is a super premium quality dog and cat food, formulated for better digestion and healthier skin and coat. In 2012, the company announced the launch of Canagan, now an award-winning grain-free food on sale in over 30 countries.

The latest brand to join the family is Piccolo, specially formulated for small-breed dogs. Launched earlier this year at the UK’s premier pet trade show, Piccolo made an instant impact, winning the accolade of Great Britain’s ‘Best New Dog Product 2016’.

A spokesman said: “Interzoo is the perfect opportunity to launch Piccolo to the international market. The attractive branding and packaging is bold with a broad appeal, receiving many glowing comments.

“We strive to produce pet products of the very highest quality, pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition and never compromising on ingredient integrity or quality.”

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The TastyBone Company
The TastyBone Company is the UK’s number one manufacturer of nylon, edible and rubber chew and play toys. All bones are designed and manufactured in its UK factory.

A spokesman said: “Using only the finest quality materials and human-grade flavouring, TastyBones meet the chewing needs of all dogs, no matter the size, breed, age or chewing strength. A TastyBone is designed to promote good oral hygiene, stimulate your pet and help to alleviate destructive boredom behaviour.

“Interzoo 2016 will see the European launch of new flavours to the Dental range of nylon chews.”

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Waterlife supplies over 30 countries with products manufactured from its automated production facility in West London.

The complete range of medications, water treatments, test kits, algicides, sea salts, filter media and specialist foods caters for every aspect of the ornamental fishkeeping hobby.

Recently, sweeping changes have been made to the way algicides and medications are sold within the UK. Waterlife has been able to respond swiftly to the new legislation and has an HSE-registered algicide and has gained a manufacturing license to sell veterinary medicines under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme.

After working closely over the past few years with the Stockton group in Israel – a large organisation that specialises in agriculture and aquaculture, Waterlife is launching a brand new fish medication called Nova+, which is being made under licence.

This patented natural tea tree fish medication was developed from the specialist knowledge required to keep farmed fish in top condition. It has a broad spectrum of action, treating parasites, bacteria and fungus, making it ideal for beginners who find it hard to identify fish illnesses as well as seasoned professionals.  

Nova + is available in three sizes: 125ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Waterlife has also made improvements to its Bacterlife formula. This now has more strains of friendly bacteria; a higher spore count; works faster; and demonstrates improved stability. It is available in 100ml, 250ml 500ml and 1 litre sizes.

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