HOWND is preparing for this year’s PATS Telford after receiving a series of ringing endorsements from some of the UK’s top retailers and professional groomers. Visitors can get a 15% discount on current trade prices at stand H61, as well as further promotions and prizes on a fun Spin to Win over the two-day show.

It’s not only the brand’s products that have the industry singing its praises - it’s the company’s whole ethos around animal wellbeing. For example, Bring Your Dog to Work Day - a charity initiative created by HOWND - has given the company national recognition as a caring brand, resulting in the company being selected as a finalist for a PetQuip marketing award.

HOWND will showcase at PATS its range of Cruelty Free certified dog grooming products, which include: HOWND Conditioning Shampoos (250ml), HOWND Body Mists (250ml), HOWND Professional Conditioning Shampoos (5L), HOWND Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes - and HOWND Natural Fragrances For Him & Her.

Emergency Dog Wipes

‘Cruelty-free’ certified - with no alcohol or parabens - HOWND Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes Each pack contains five jumbo size (30cm x 20cm) pH-balanced wipes.

Designed to be gentle on a dog’s skin and coat, each wipe is infused with orange (insect-repelling), coriander (antioxidant) and bergamot (deodorising) essential oils, aloe vera juice, and gentle odour control agents.

The result is a durable wipe, that effectively cleans off fox poo, cow dung, mud, urine, slobber and anything else that’s grimey or smelly. HOWND Yup You Stink! Emergency Dog Wipes are available to the trade in 10 pack cases with trade prices starting at £16. The RRP per pack of wipes is £2.95.

Covering ‘Puppyhood’ to ‘Golden Oldies’

HOWND has created five ‘Cruelty Free’ pH-balanced conditioning shampoos and matching body mists for use on dogs of all breeds, as well as Butch Leather Cologne and Peach Bum Parfum, two distinctive alcohol-free fragrances for ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ which can be seen on the PATS New Product Showcase.

Made with fur-care ingredients such as vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5, wheat protein, oatmeal, argan oil and aloe juice, each product has a distinct application, and fragranced with unique essential oil blends. For example, HOWND Golden Oldies Conditioning Shampoo - which launched in March 2015 and is renowned for being the first conditioning shampoo in the UK designed for senior dogs - provides a gentle and deep cleanse for older canines. It also relieves dry flakey skin and helps reduce shedding and scratching.

HOWND’s range of 250ml conditioning shampoos consists of five products, all of which retail at £9: Playful Pup Conditioning Shampoo, Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo, Got An Itch? Conditioning Shampoo, Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo, and Golden Oldies Conditioning Shampoo.

In addition, the company’s range of 250ml body mists consists of five products, each retailing at £9: Playful Pup Body Mist, Keep Calm Body Mist, Got An Itch? Body Mist, Yup You Stink! Body Mist, and Golden Oldies Body Mist.


These products have captured the imagination of some of the UK’s leading professional dog groomers.

“Our groomers love working with HOWND. We’re big fans of Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo. It reduces drying time by 50%, which is incredible considering we groom up to 16 dogs a day. Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo also cuts drying time by half and works wonders for double coated breeds, such as German Shepherds and Newfoundlands,” says Martin Jakubowski of London’s Just Barking.

Award winning groomer, Louisa Tandy, says: “Just to say how much I loved your Golden Oldies shampoo. I used it on the salon as a special treat for some of our more mature dogs and they loved it. Really helped the coat condition and smelt gorgeous too. Lathered up great and was easy to wash out, which when bathing elderly dogs, is important to keep the grooming process as stress free as possible so less time in the bath is a bonus. Wonderful product!”

For further information about HOWND’s new range of products, please visit or call a member of the team on +44 (0)20 3004 5255.