Recycling and the use of plastics have become the hot topics of the 21st century– retailers tell us more and more how their customers are asking about the green credentials of their favourite pet food or product, and whether the packaging is recyclable.
Questions being asked include whether manufacturers have switched or are switching from black polypropylene trays (used commonly as wet pet food trays) to white polypropylene trays. To explain, black plastic packaging is coloured using carbon black pigments that cannot be identified or sorted using Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology, which is widely used in recycling facilities. As a result, this black packaging usually ends up as ‘waste’ and instead of being recycled, heads for landfill or is incinerated. Clear plastic packaging is picked up by NIR technology and therefore recycled.
Repackaging packaging
Another issue increasingly being commented on is the use of polystyrene boxes – while some manufacturers are moving to the environmentally-friendly WoolCool packaging or re-use the boxes by collecting them from retailers, we know of some suppliers who treat polystyrene as a single-use commodity.
In this special issue, pbwnews has given manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to tell you what green initiatives they are pursuing and their green credentials – be it their packaging, energy use in their factories, recycling initiatives…and everything inbetween! This in turn will provide retailers with all the information they need to engage in conversations with customers who are actively seeking more environmentally-friendly solutions and products for their pets.