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Pet Business World is flying the flag and celebrating companies that are proud to be based in Britain

Benyfit Natural
Benyfit Natural is a Sussex-based raw food manufacturer, started by Ben Van Praagh, a successful gundog trainer who has taken part in trials across the UK. He believes that a balanced diet leads to balanced behaviour in dogs and his recipes follow the principle that dogs are descended from wolves and other wild canines and that our domestic dogs are not genetically programmed to process quantities of grains, cereals and other fillers often found in commercial foods.

The Benyfit Natural recipe range is available in Puppy, Adult and Senior lifestages using ethically sourced, human-grade British meats such as chicken, venison, rabbit, turkey, beef and tripe, all from approved British Defra farms. The complete diets contain ground bones, carrot, broccoli, swede, offal, flaxseed oil, kelp and herbs as well as raw eggs.

Berrimans is a family-owned business producing premium pet food since 2002. The company’s Peter Berry said: “Right from the start we have been committed to developing innovative, high quality dog nutrition. Dog owners are searching for quality and transparency to be confident that the food they provide are helping to guarantee a healthy, happy pet.

“The modern pet dog does not need to be so heavily reliant upon animal material as the main source of nutrition as one may think. It is a misconception that dogs must have a high proportion of meat in their diet. Dogs are not carnivores and do not get their nutritional needs from meat.

“By understanding the link between nutrition and health, eating healthier with smaller amounts of high quality protein, chicken and fish (regarded as healthier choices), fruit, vegetables and whole grains, gives uncompromising nutritional excellence. Pet owners look at ingredients and expect to find something more – more benefits,  more ingenuity, more results, so look out for our ‘Jewel in the Crown’, Nature’s Countryside Menu, our latest product and the Rolls-Royce of the grainfree diet.”

Billy + Margot
Billy + Margot sources its ingredients in the UK and manufactures ‘only in Britain’, with the aim of producing the highest quality dog treats and food. Founder Marie Sawle said: “Billy + Margot all began in my kitchen in Hampshire in August 2011, under the watchful eyes of my pet Labrador Margot and with the help of a small ice cream machine. This is where I created the first Strawberry + Apple iced treats.

“Today the company has grown with a dedicated team who hold the same passionate values about the importance of our manufacturing processes and the quality of what goes into our products.

“Our aim has always been to produce the healthiest and most honest dog treats and food available. With the help of our pet nutritionist we have created treats and food that offer optimum nutrition for a happier and healthier dog.

“But we are not just a small team of dog lovers, we are also keen to ensure that our knowledge and passion is passed to all our stockists through product training, dedicated sales staff and excellent customer services.”

Bucktons flies the flag for UK manufacturing by including the Union Jack on all its new-look packaging. The pet food brand, which also produces pigeon and wild bird food, unveiled this new addition to its indoor and aviary bird packaging last year. Consumer insight suggested aviary shoppers found British products more appealing and used the Union Jack flag as a good visual indicator for quality.

However, Bucktons does more than just show the flag, it also lives up to it. Almost all its products are made in its BRC-accredited Yorkshire-based factory, which recently underwent a £1.65-million suet manufacturing investment. This site has brought employment to the people of Yorkshire since it was purpose built in 2005, and since the 1960s at its previous facility. The brand also sources all of its wheat from a 30-mile radius and all ingredients that can be sourced in the UK are bought here in the UK.

Burgess Pet Care
Expert nutrition and locally sourced ingredients aren’t the only things that go into Burgess Pet Care products – there’s also 200 years of family passion in the mix. Since the 1700s, the Burgess family has produced foods for people, pets and animals from its base in the UK, starting out as flour millers before moving into producing animal feeds.

From Burgess came the extruded food for fibrevores, combining all essential nutrients into one pelleted food instead of the traditional muesli feed, and with the company’s local sourcing policy – aimed at answering consumer demand for British-made products – customers only need add up the tractor miles, not air miles.

A raft of British farmers are tasked with producing top-quality forage hay for Burgess Pet Care products, including its newest Nature’s Blend nugget. Inspired by the great British hedgerow, and combining vitamin-rich forage such as dandelion, nettle and lemon balm with nutritious grasses, Burgess saw a gap in the market for a product that tapped into the need for more natural diets for pets.

Working alongside Lincolnshire farmers and local agricultural colleges, the crops are allowed to reach the optimal stage for harvesting and are then cut and dried within three hours to ensure complete freshness, from field to hutch.

Burns Pet Nutrition
Being an ethical producer or consumer carries many challenges. Burns Pet Nutrition has taken a number of steps to tackle these challenges. The company has always paid employees well in excess of the ‘going rate’ and is now the only pet food company accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

“A flagship project is our Penlan Range of moist food. This is produced at our factory in West Wales. Most of the ingredients are sourced from suppliers in the region (not the brown rice!) and that includes some of the free-range eggs and vegetables from our own Penlan Farm in Kidwelly. There are many reasons why consumers choose products, and we at Burns have found that our ethical stance and the fact that our products are made in Britain are important to our customers.”

Cotswold Raw
Cotswold Raw is ‘as British as marmalade, cream teas and flying kites on Parliament Hill’! Cotswold Raw is an ambitious rural raw dog food start-up. The trial of its ‘blue sky’ offerings took place at that most quintessentially English of experiences, the much-loved County Show circuit. Its ‘eureka moment’ revolved around the notion that simple sausage formats provide the ‘perfect vehicle for converting traditional pet food purists to a more health-conscious raw cause’, while its more mainstream mince formats were placed to upgrade committed raw diehards.

A spokesman said: “The joy with Cotswold Raw’s instantly gettable sausage offerings is that they bring discernment and convenience to a rudimental raw category. It’s also worth mentioning that the pet food gurus gave both Cotswold Raw mince and sausage formats 4.9/5, a big thumbs up for locally-sourced, British ingredients.” 

Eurostitch offers the Lucky Pet range of pet bedding and accessories, which are designed and manufactured in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. It says demand has increased significantly over recent years for truly British products – ‘buying British not only ensures quality and durability, but also supports British industry and the future employment for our upcoming generations’.

A spokesman said: “We can fly the flag on our products with pride, not hiding behind technicalities such as ‘Designed in Britain’, omitting the fact they are manufactured in China or making minimal back-up stock in Britain to bolster shortfalls in the main China supply, but still flying the British flag on all products!”

Its range has something to suit all needs in style and finishes and can offer bespoke beds, which is ‘one of the many advantages of dealing with a dedicated UK manufacturer’.

Fish 1st (UK)
An environmental ‘first’ in the UK – a Cornish fish-processing factory has teamed up with Robert and Jill Angell to identify new uses for its byproducts.  With over 60 fishing trawlers landing along the coast of Cornwall, there is a huge variety of fish and shellfish which can be used to create healthy fish products for pets.

Jill said: “We will be using hake, lemon sole, seabass, salmon, plaice, pollack, pouting, whiting, sprats, sardines and mackerel – and many more – we have phenomenal technical expertise available at our fingertips.” 

The health benefits of feeding fish to dogs was started by Jill many years ago, and this new partnership gives her a wide scope for developing different functional products with new USPs.

Fish 1st (UK) will use all byproducts from the Cornish factory, which produces chilled fish 24/7 for several large supermarkets in the UK and Europe, completing the ‘economic circle’ which is a strong objective of companies aiming for a ‘zero waste’ policy.

It will produce fish treats for private label companies in the UK and abroad, and is launching on the British Pavilion at Interzoo in May.

Forthglade, the Devon-based natural pet food company, was established in 1971. The factory, based in the picturesque village of Winkleigh, today remains just as committed to developing and manufacturing natural and nutritious pet foods for dogs and cats, with a team of over 80. With all of its gently steamed recipes free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, focus is placed on using UK-sourced ingredients wherever possible and ‘only of the finest quality’.
Forthglade offers a complementary and complete natural range for dogs, many of which are grainfree and each with a high meat content, plus a selection of meals for cats with a minimum meat content of 85%.  The company’s award-winning Natural Lifestage Grain Free range for dogs has continued to soar in popularity. The brand’s nutritionally balanced meals provide all the proteins, vitamins and minerals that pets need to maintain optimum health.
With a full product rebrand just around the corner, these are exciting times for Forthglade, with the smart new-look packaging due to hit shelves in June, along with new recipes. The rebrand will be supported with a marketing campaign across both trade and consumer media, and Forthglade will attend over 20 pet-specific consumer events and UK County shows this year.
“Our aim has always been to create recipes which pets enjoy eating and owners enjoy feeding, as they know with confidence that it’s packed with nothing but goodness,” said joint MD Gerard Lovell.

GA Direct
Where possible, GA Direct encourages partner brands to display the Union Jack flag on labels. With recent events such as the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding and of course her Majesty’s upcoming 90th birthday, demand for the Union Jack flag on packaging has never been higher. All of GA Direct’s products are manufactured in Lancashire with raw materials sourced from UK farms where possible.

It said more and more of the pet industry is seeing customers making informed purchasing decisions based on transparency and food safety. The addition of the Union Jack ‘helps to communicate and build the credentials of a brand and encourages trust’. “In a market overwhelmed by choice, pet food packaging providing a Union Jack flag offers a USP above others. The Union Jack flag is also popular in some other countries who look to the UK for quality and food safety. GA Direct offers partner brands the opportunity to provide the Union Jack on its new Grain Free range.”

GB Pet Beds
GB Pet Beds, the hand-made bedding manufacturer with more than 15 years’ pet trade experience, has launched a new website and two new dog bed brands. The West Midlands-based business says it supplies ‘the best quality products at realistic affordable prices with great margins’.

The new brands are:
• Dog Doza – a practical durable and waterproof range of beds designed to keep dogs warm and dry
• Barkshire Range – a range of classic beds made in upholstery fabrics, including bolster and classic settees, cushions and basket ovals.

Wholesale and marketing manager Jonathan Davies said: “In our opinion the dog doza range is the most stylish range of waterproof dog beds ever made, branded with our GB Pet Bed swing tags to give that extra sale appeal to customers wanting to buy made-in-Britain products. Your customers will feel happier supporting British jobs and knowing they got a great product to boot.”

Together with the new website, the company is also launching a simple-to-use e-catalogue for easier, faster ordering that works on any platform – iPad, android or Windows tablets, or any computer.

“You can now order at any time 24x7, 365 as the e-catalogue system is updated daily so is always up to date,” said Jonathan. “No more waiting for new catalogues and new season ranges; as we make new products they are added to the e-catalogue and are available to order that same day. All previous orders are stored on your chosen device, so if you just want to re-order it’s as simple as just clicking resend.”

Henry Bell & Co (Grantham)
Henry Bell & Co (Grantham) is based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, established in 1825 and continues to be owned and managed by the fourth generation of the Lee family. Its manufactured products include cereals and pulses micronised, ground or kibbled together with a variety of wild bird, aviary and small animal foods, which are sold into all sections of the pet trade predominately in the customer’s own-label packaging.

All products manufactured by Henry Bell & Co are sourced in the UK whenever possible, enabling them to offer value for money, excellent quality, supply reliability and a reduced carbon footprint. To add to its portfolio, Henry Bell and Co purchased a British-made small animal food brand, Mr Johnson’s. It took over the manufacturing of Mr Johnson’s in 2008 and purchased the company in 2009. This brand is ‘well loved and respected in the trade and by consumers, a first-class British-made product range delivering quality nutrition to small animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, degu, chinchillas and ferrets’.

Town and Country Petfoods, based in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, has been producing the HiLife brand of dog and cat food since 1974. The family-owned-and-run firm is proud of its British heritage, and its FEED ME! range of dog food is manufactured close to its headquarters by a specialist supplier in Lincolnshire.

Made using high-quality meat protein and free from artificial colours and flavours, FEED ME! has displayed the Union Jack flag since 2009 and is popular among consumers who want to know the provenance of their dog’s food.

Recipes include beef flavoured with cheese and vegetables and turkey and chicken flavoured with bacon and vegetables.

Marketing director Peter Parkinson said: “After many years of searching for a UK supplier that met our high standards of production, innovation and quality, we identified our current producers.
“It is great to be working with like-minded people who are based just down the road and we are also proud to support another British firm, which provides employment in the local area.”

Judge’s Choice Petfood
Judge’s Choice Petfood is a family-owned company based in Suffolk, celebrating its 25th year in business. It has been the proud holder of the Royal Warrant for the supply of pet food to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II since the millennium. A spokesman said: “In the creation of our products, in the levels of our customer service and in our core business ethics we endeavour to
maintain the standards of integrity that merit this high honour.”

All Judge’s Choice Petfood products are made in the UK to the same standards of quality and value for money, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. It offers two ranges of dog food (for all ages from puppy to senior). The Country Pursuit range is a high-quality complete dry food formulated to meet the needs of working dog breeds, while Nature’s Harvest is a range of complete wet food for all breeds. The Nature’s Harvest range also includes Grain Free complete food and a complementary Wheat Gluten Free Mixer as well as 100% Natural Air Dried Treats. There’s also Country Cat dry food for adult cats and the wet food Nature’s Harvest Elite for Cats.

Laughing Dog
Laughing Dog is proud of its British heritage and the fact that it has been flying the ‘Made in Britain’ flag for three generations. “Based in the heart of the Lincolnshire Fens on our family farm, we can look out of our windows and see the fields where some of our ingredients come from – an accolade not many companies in our industry can claim.
“We are incredibly conscious of the fact that consumers are increasingly moving away from solely price-based decisions, and towards more of those centred around ethical choices such as where the ingredients have come from, the number of air miles they have travelled and where and how the product has been made.

“In addition to these considerations, there is a nod towards a conscious desire to support businesses based on home turf before turning to choices from further afield. As a business we are passionate about sourcing the best-quality ingredients to use within our foods and we will start at a local level to source these ingredients wherever possible, only having to move away from this when limitations intervene such as a need for continuous supply, or local level sourcing not being able to provide a particular product or not reaching the stringent quality standards we uphold. British is our heritage and it is imperative to us as a business that this is how it will stay.”

Lily’s Kitchen
As a Hampstead-born company and founding member of B-Corp in the UK, Lily’s Kitchen believes businesses shape the way our industry works. 

“Ensuring we tread carefully on the planet puts our supply chain at the heart, and we choose to source ingredients for our award-winning food locally where possible. Not only that, our scrumptious fruit, vibrant vegetables and healthy herbs are grown in a way that is kindest to nature and farmed organically wherever possible. We also choose free-range meat and wild game wherever possible, and where we can’t get free range, we use ‘free fun’ as a bare minimum.

“Working with British suppliers for our dry dog food and treats ranges is a real source of pride, as we can support local businesses such as ourselves. This means sourcing the best of British ingredients, such as honey for our Bedtime Biscuits, farmhouse cheddar and rye flour for our tasty Cheese & Apple Training Treats, and the wholesome fruit and vegetables used in our dry dog food. 

“We believe supporting excellent British suppliers like family-owned Doves Farm and Lye Cross Farm, Organic North and Littleover Apiaries helps make our products the best they can be. It takes a real team effort to source the finest ingredients, produced the fairest way – and it’s one we feel makes all the difference.”

Lintbells is the British company based near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, behind some of the ‘most exciting brands’ in the pet trade. This includes YuMEGA Itchy Dog, the UK’s number one veterinary skin supplement*, and YuMOVE, the UK’s number one veterinary joint supplement*.

Establishing a presence in the UK has been possible because of retailers and customers who have been vocal in their support. The company has extended its distribution network to 15 countries since launching in 2006 and was recently judged to be ‘One to Watch’ by the Sunday Times.

To reach this level of success, Lintbells has used the expertise on its doorstep, from the experts in British veterinary schools who help scientifically validate its products, to the East Anglian-based
suppliers of golden flax and borage used in its supplements. The high quality ethos of British suppliers and growers is important in the manufacture of its supplements and Lintbells knows exactly where all the ingredients it uses are grown – the very location, the exact field and even the harvest – of which only the best are used.

Many small companies and suppliers have grown alongside Lintbells as it has continued to thrive and these long-term relationships are highly valued within the company.
“The cream of the crop come to work at Lintbells in its picturesque offices in the Hertfordshire countryside – from senior managers, through to the marketing team and the 15-strong customer support team, there’s an energy and enthusiasm to do what’s best for pets and to take this still relatively young business to the top.”
*Gfk VetTrak Sales Data, MAT values (February 2016)

Marriage’s was recently highly commended in the Farm and Rural Business Enviromental Awards for its work and engagement with UK farmers and its ethical approach to their business.
Wild bird is a ‘great example within the pet industry of ethical consumerism’, and Marriage’s wants to help consumers feel good and do more for nature.

The Honeyfield’s brand focuses on conservation, helping reverse the decline in butterflies, bees and hedgehogs.

'Consumers are becoming ‘more and more conscious about the impact we are having on our environment, and food miles is a major concern’, it says.

Marriage’s supports ‘UK farmers who care about wild life’ and gives them the means to make that difference. Farmers are trained, premiums are paid for their conservational work and they are audited to a scientific standard to ensure consumers know that when they see the Conservation Grade logo, they are putting some of the most endangered wildlife back into the UK countryside.

Sam Marriage said: “The growth in ethical consumerism is fantastic for anyone in business and who is concerned about ethical issues. It allows us to work with like-minded public to give the consumer something they really want. The great thing is that we share a little bit of the feeling they get of making a difference.”

Nature’s Feast
Nature’s Feast pledges to support farms that grow crops in a sustainable way, with as little disruption to their natural surroundings as possible. As part of its commitment to responsible sourcing of ingredients, and to meet customers’ high expectations, it strives to use raw ingredients from UK farmers who are signed up to the Environmental Stewardship (ES) Scheme.

The ES Scheme is delivered by Natural England on behalf of Defra.
It encourages effective environmental management across a range of farmland, from conserving wildlife and maintaining biodiversity, to protecting natural resources, and maintaining and enhancing landscape quality and character.

Natures Menu
Founded in 1981 as Anglian Meat Products, Natures Menu began producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) for pets as a small family-run business in Norfolk. Today, it is Europe’s ‘leading expert on raw and natural dog and cat foods’, with a range of complete and balanced meals as well as the traditional minces it started out with all those years ago.
“Our ethos is honesty. Honest products, prices and service. That’s why we select, buy, process, pack and transport all our own products, with our own vehicles and staff, directly to you.

“With over 34 years of knowledge and expertise manufacturing high-quality raw and natural pet food, we ensure only the finest, safest and most palatable ingredients are used. Our award-winning range of complete and balanced meals are a convenient, nutritious and safe way to feed a healthy raw diet. Made with ethically sourced human-grade meat and wholesome ingredients, our foods are free from anything artificial, are Defra and veterinary-approved. Naturally nourishing, easily digested and highly appetising, our pet foods are an excellent alternative to a dried and processed diet and can be beneficial for dogs and cats with sensitive digestion, food intolerances and appetite issues.”

Over the last two years, Nutriment’s profile has changed out of all recognition: a new identity, wider distribution, thoughtful brand extensions, enhanced recipes and the odd award and yet for all its success, Surrey’s raw pet food provider has kept its paws firmly on the ground.

According to Nutriment’s Suzanne Brock: “Our company’s success stems from never forgetting our roots.  Nutriment didn’t start out with a silver bone in its mouth. We began life as a small, loyal band of ‘raw’ pet food evangelists looking to meet the needs of those pet owners seeking a new breed of tastier, nutritionally-dense recipes. Over the years we’ve had growing pains, set-backs and the odd tiff with our bank, yet still we grow!”

In 2015 Nutriment launched Dinner for Dogs (a tailor-made range geared at less active, smaller dogs) and a more indulgent tier of core Nutriment recipes. This year, a new purpose-built factory will enable production to double. And yet, for all these fantastic milestones, Suzanne’s proudest moments revolve around establishing a proud Surrey heartland, GB ingredient sourcing, supporting her loyal team and standing by loyal customers who helped Nutriment get started.

P&L Superior Pet Beds
P&L Superior Pet Beds is a family-run manufacturer based in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, which has been making pet beds since 2000 and through its experience ‘understands the requirements of this increasingly competitive market’. Its pet beds are designed to be practical, hard wearing and easy to keep clean, using only upholstery-grade materials and fillings, with an emphasis on quality.

Whether the customer requires a standard machine-washable bed, heavy-duty waterproof bed or a more specialised bed such as memory foam, P&L has a bed to suit their needs.

Paragon PE
All of Paragon PE’s products are made in the UK. A spokesman said: “We believe it’s important for companies in this country to manufacture or source their products in the UK, as this boosts the British economy and keeps more jobs for people in the UK. Not only does a company sourcing their materials, labour and products in the UK provide jobs for British people, it also shows that UK manufacturing is on the rise again.

“In the UK and Europe, there is strict legislation in place to ensure products that enter the market are safe and are of a good quality. If a company sources their pet products from overseas where the country doesn’t have the same legislation as Europe, the products may not be made to the same high standard as in the UK and could pose a risk to the pet owners and their pets.

“Here at Paragon, when we develop a new product we make sure all the raw materials are from a UK source. Once the product is formulated, it goes through a strict testing process which involves retaining samples which are tested onsite as well as additional samples being tested in an independent UK-based laboratory. This process adheres to the ISO-accreditation that our Cheshire site has been awarded and ensures full traceability on every product, which in turn gives the wholesaler and consumer buying confidence.”

The Peckish manufacturing site in Driffield has earned the British Retail Consortium’s A-grade accreditation for quality for the sixth year running. The annual audit takes place over two days and checks over 300 manufacturing criteria, including processes, hygiene, full traceability of ingredients and safety.

The site produces all Peckish wild bird products including the new Peckish Complete Energy Balls and Peckish Complete Suet Bites, and underwent a £1.65m suet-manufacturing investment.

Poppy & Rufus
Poppy & Rufus is a British brand of contemporary, coordinated dog accessories started by lifelong friends with the help of their own dogs, Poppy and Rufus. The brand delivers products for dogs and owners that are ‘useful, beautiful and British’.

The At Home and Out and About collections feature three bespoke fabric designs, carried across the entire range, which it says produces a ‘uniquely coordinating line of products that look great individually or as a complete set’. No more clashing colours or random collections of doggy stuff lying around the house.

From beds to bowls, walking bags to treat bags, dog toy to storage boxes, the range is ‘functional yet beautiful’, and all products are made exclusively for Poppy & Rufus in the UK.

Fish waste, pollution and swings in water parameters are the main causes of death in aquariums and ponds. However, they are not generally tested for or understood at a competent level for action to be taken. Seneye designed a low-cost, internet-based, monitoring device that performs tests for pollution and swings in water parameters 24 hours a day. The system sends email and SMS alerts if the pollution or parameters become toxic and include useful information as to the possible causes and potential remedies.

The main markets for Seneye products are domestic aquariums and ponds, selling through traditional fish stores.

A move late last year into commercial aquarium monitoring through a new commercial product range is another market it is now seeing growth in.

Seneye manufactures and designs its optical-chemical patent-protected sensors at its Norwich office. Last year saw a 63% growth in sales and the expansion to larger premises in September.

Seneye was awarded the prestigious EDP Future 50 ‘one to watch’ prize this year as a business with the potential for rapid growth. This year and 2017 will see Seneye expand with more sensors products and movements into more markets such as the reptile and small furry animal. Now selling in over 20 countries, the ‘potential for growth is an exciting prospect’.

Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds
Sneyd’s Wonderfeeds is a Lincolnshire-based, family-run business that produces high quality, dry dog food for working dogs and family pets. With over 42 years in the industry and a business that spans three generations, Sneyd’s believes in delivering ‘the very best dry dog food and pet food products on the market’ while keeping prices well under the national average for equivalent feeds. Using quality ingredients from tried-and-tested suppliers, it represents ‘all that is good about British-manufactured pet and dog food’.

The Wonderdog Special, Premium and Gold recipes are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein to ensure the health and vitality of all types of dogs depending on their activity levels.

Wonderdog Elite contains a high percentage of fresh meat such as lamb, salmon and trout, with no artificial colouring, additives or preservatives.

TastyBone is made in the UK with ‘uncompromising standards of quality and continuous product development’. The company says:  “Manufactured at our factory based in Essex, we are able to ensure complete customer satisfaction by maintaining high standards throughout the TastyBone production process.

“Consumers are becoming more and more educated about where products and materials are sourced from, and we are proud to tell our customers that everything from our materials to our packing facility, is sourced right here in the UK. By keeping the full manufacturing process within the UK we are able to employ skilled workers locally.

“We outsource all of our packing requirements to community interest company, Realise Futures, who focus on creating opportunities for people to succeed in work, learning and life.

“Both retailers and consumers like to know that their pet accessories are as eco-friendly as possible and by creating a solely UK-manufactured product, we can maintain a reduced carbon footprint. We are extremely proud of our business and that we can truly say that TastyBone  is ‘Made in Britain’.”

Made in Britain with British venison is Veni-Dog Kibble, a dry dog food produced by Petcor. With 40% freshvenison, the product is suitable for fussy dogs or those with food intolerances.
Tony Davenport, MD of Petcor, said: “Venison is nature’s health-conscious meat, naturally lean and low in fat, a healthy source of protein and iron. Our venison comes from free-range Scottish deer which have led a natural life in the wild, feeding on grasses, berries and heather – without any hormones, additives or antibiotics added to their food.

“The recipe has been carefully designed by pet nutritionists to provide a complete and balanced food for dogs. Veni-Dog Kibble is highly nutritious and biologically appropriate. With 40% venison content, it is the only dry food product of its kind on the UK market. Moreover, dogs are crazy about it!”

Petcor also produces air-dried venison treats at its factory in Wales. These include sausage-type bites in various shapes and sizes, chew sticks and venison marrow bones.

“The fact that our products are made in the UK with British venison is very important to many dog owners and this is one of our main selling points. Veni-Dog products are made from human-grade venison and are thus in a premium category for people who want the very best for their dogs.”

Vitalin has a long-standing heritage dating back to the 1950s when the first product ‘Original’ was made by Arthur Mills in Ripon, Yorkshire. Vitalin was acquired by Grove Pet Foods in 2010 and is now manufactured in its family-owned factory on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border.

Vitalin remains a British favourite with owners seeking a premium dog food which delivers complete, balanced nutrition.

Supporting British farmers and reducing its carbon footprint, the ingredients are sourced in the UK, locally where possible.

Said Sean Cox, national sales manager: “Dogs are part of the Vitalin family heritage which is why we care so passionately about the food we make. Vitalin made one of the first prepared dog foods available in the UK, so we have fed literally generations of healthy, happy pets.

“Production in our own UK factory allows us to have complete control over the quality of ingredients and the end products. We have a fantastic team of vets and nutritionists that formulate our food and take advantage of modern manufacturing techniques to create a delicious, balanced diet for dogs. This affirms our holistic approach to pet food, supporting overall health and well-being.”

Herbal doggy tea maker Woof&Brew arrived on the market in 2012 and offers a range of teas, tonics, treats and its latest launch, Drinkies. Drinkies is a infused water for dogs, designed for owners to take with them when they’re out and about with their dogs. It’s brewed and bottled in the UK and is infused with natural herbs, including devil’s claw, rose petals and seaweed, offering a healthier tipple than just water – or muddy puddles!

The company’s Steve Bennett said: “Water is a very important part of your dog’s daily requirements and overall nutrition.

Panting and salivation, often experienced by dogs after walking in the woods, playing fetch, agility activities and doggy play cause a loss of water and therefore the need to rehydrate. Drinkies for dogs has proven successful in trials and is designed to provide a healthy light refreshment during activities such as walks or long car journeys – or even a nice treat for at home.”