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Remember, remember…

Once again the fireworks season has come round, and many pet owners will be looking for solutions to help their cats and dogs cope with the loud noises.

Our guide lists products that are available for retailers to stock that can help owners find a solution.

Dorwest Herbs

Dorwest Herbs

Dorwest’s Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound are the herbal way to manage pets’ anxiety this firework season, by calming and relaxing dogs and cats naturally.

Herbs are gentle but effective, and Dorwest’s products are formulated by experts to reduce anxiety by lessening activity in the nervous system rather than relaxing muscles. This means that pets can be relaxed and calm without it sedating or affecting their normal behaviour.

Dorwest is offering pet retailers a special offer ‘Remember Remember’ calming product box containing both products in varying sizes, together with a free point of sale kit containing posters, leaflets and wobbler, all sent with free delivery.

To order yours, visit , email or call 01308 897272.
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Petlife has worked with specialists to develop KarmaWrap. Shaped to hug an animal and made using a special chemical-free, four-way stretch material, it can instantly calm dogs that suffer from a nervous disposition.

A spokesman for Petlife said: “It is well known that dogs can be scarred for life through experiences such as loud bangs, vehicle movement, fireworks, thunderstorms and other environments, and no amount of TLC will help them overcome their fears. Leaving them nervous and stressed at times.

“Nervous and over-excitable pets are no fun and can cause problems in a household and at unexpected times – just the bang of a door for instance can set them off. Travel, separation, lead pulling, anti-social barking and general nervous behaviour are all sure signs of anxiety.”

Made in the UK, KarmaWrap moulds itself around a dog in such a way that the dog immediately feels a pressure resembling a hug, making it feel instantly safe and calming it down in around 85% of cases.

Dog owner Laura Robinson said: “Nanook has always been a nervous dog, but since getting the KarmaWrap her behaviour has really improved.  When wearing the wrap she never whines, and is calm and relaxed.  A great product that I would highly recommend.”

John Hancock, MD of Petlife International, said: “KarmaWrap is a great addition to the Petlife range. Having spent time listening to dog owners and consulting with professionals on what can be done to calm nervous dogs, we have designed and produced the coats in our factory in the UK and having thoroughly tested the product on dogs of all shapes and sizes, we are now rolling out the product across the UK and Europe. The wrap has been very well received by the industry and pet owners alike.”

KarmaWrap is available in several sizes to ensure a perfect fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The wraps are simple to fit, breathable, water resistant, antibacterial and machine washable. The company says KarmaWrap has been found to calm dogs in most situations of anxiety. All coats come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

For more information, call 01284 761131, email or visit
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Phytopet’s fast-acting Calm and Calm Xtra herbal calmers for stress and anxiety work within 20 minutes, making them ideal for the fireworks season.

Calm and Calm Xtra come as a concentrated liquid for ease of administration, which means no fighting to give tablets as you only need to use a small drop. Just add this to the pet’s food, treat or drinking water.

Phytopet is a leader in liquid supplements for pets, using only high-strength medicinal-quality tinctures.

For more information call 01766 530531,
email or visit

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