Exclusive Trade Offer



Copper Clothing, a Surrey based healthcare company, is offering an exclusive first order introductory launch deal to petbusinessworld.co.uk readers who will receive one free blanket for every 10 blankets purchased.
Retailing at £29.99 (incl. VAT) and for a limited time only trade prices starting at £17.49 (excl. VAT) provide trade retailers an exclusive introductory 30% margin on orders up to 50 blankets, on top of the first order deal: one free blanket for every 10 blankets.

Copper Clothing claims it is the first in the UK to supply a range of high quality, copper-infused products and has introduced an anti-odour, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory pet blanket. The research and development exploring the benefits of copper infused products was conceived back in 2012. The seed that has grown into Copper Clothing was planted by Amber McCleary, while trying to invent the world’s first odourless dog bed. The Caterham-based company now supplies a wide range of copper-infused products, including Amber’s ‘pet’ project, the odourless dog bed which has also featured on BBC’s One Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsEX7ypv4zI
R&D director Rory Donnelly said that winter’s cold temperatures and indoor heating can cause skin in both humans and pets to become dry, and can exacerbate a pet’s flaky and dry coats. “The power of copper will help protect your pet’s skin and coat, keeping it at optimum condition all year round to help prevent seasonal problems,” he said. Copper Clothing provides a range of luxury, natural, non-invasive, non-drug, non-chemically-treated products.
Rory added: “the soft pet blanket forms the first layer of defence for your pet.” Made out of a warm comforting fleece, it becomes a flexible form of bedding which can be used to protect your carpet, sofa, bed and car seats whilst pampering your pet. “The blanket is made using pure natural copper that has been shown to last the lifetime of the product.” Most importantly, this blanket is durable and machine washable, making it easy to clean.

For more information or to place an order, please email sales@copperclothing.co.uk or visit www.copperclothing.co.uk to see the full range of products including Anti-odour luxury dog beds.