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Discussion in 'Ask the trade' started by Laurawithey, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Laurawithey

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    Hi we are a new independent zero waste shop in Bristol and are looking to source cat and dog treats. We are in need of a supplier that can provide treats that would be suitable for our shop.

    Our customers bring their own jars/ Tupperware and fill as much as they need. Price is based on weight.

    I am looking for suggestions of suppliers that may fit this shop and fit that ethos of the shop.

    Thank you!
  2. petspantry

    petspantry Member

    I would have thought any pet trade Wholesaler would be able to supply what you want as many shops worked on this principle years ago. Can I assume this is a bit like the old pick and mix system that Woolworths used to have with sweeties?
  3. Laurawithey

    Laurawithey New Member

    Yes pick and mix is a great comparison. However we need to ensure that the suppliers don’t send the treats in lots of packaging or it defeats the point. And obviously trying to find treats that don’t need to be in a plastic air tight packet all the time. A lot of online brochures only show packaged treats, like the size of a dreamies packet of cat treats...
  4. wrightforpets

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    I'm thinking of the main producers who make the likes of gravy bones markies etc. and even if you get a loose box of 10kg biscuits they send a lot of plastic bags to use to weight out and fill them. You may have to compromise on products like that. Another thing that might work would be the likes of Anco who send their products in cardboard boxes. However I'm not sure how you would feel about having loose pigs ears etc kicking about in a general food shop.
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  5. petspantry

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    Huge Health problem mixing loose human food in the same shop as loose dog food. How would environmental Health view this? Also, how would people buying human foods view loose pet treats being weighed on the same scales and handled by the same person? This can be achieved but there would need complete separation between human foods and pet foods, something along the lines that butchers have to with raw meat and cooked meat.

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