You do everything right and still end up in the wrong!

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    A man, maybe in his late twenties, came into the shop just after 9am and enquired about buying a rabbit. He said he had done considerable research online and had bought a hutch and all the accessories from a well-known pet supermarket, all he needed was the rabbit. I showed him what we had and left him to look at the rabbits in peace.

    It’s my view that you let the customer browse livestock for as long as possible, hopefully then what they purchase is what they want and they do not feel in any way they have been sold a pet they do not really want.

    He eventually chose a rabbit, we went through basic care, including providing a care leaflet, etc, and filled in the register.

    Mid-afternoon, a lady phoned complaining that we had sold her son a rabbit without any paperwork, without cage and food and without her permission as they were not allowed pets in their flat.

    All I could say was that her assertions were incorrect but we would take back the rabbit, no questions asked.

    Later that afternoon she telephoned again asking where the shop was as she could not find it, where were we from Morrisons? As there is not a Morrisons for at least 10 miles they were in the wrong town.

    Eventually, at 6.30 in the evening, the rabbit was returned. Then they had the cheek to ask for their money back!

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