Why won’t people listen?

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    A gentleman wanted two rabbits for his daughter. We went through the pros and cons of two females, two males or one of each.  As he was not prepared to spend money going down the neutering route, we settled on two females – and even then he was warned that this was no guarantee that they were compatible.  We were keeping them for a few weeks as they were not old enough to go and one day he telephoned and asked if the brother was still for sale as he now wanted a male and female. He had been on the internet and was strongly advised that this was the best pairing as long as they were both neutered. He had a quote for neutering at £300 for the pair. Even though we had given him the exact same advice because it was on the internet it must be gospel. Apparently my 20-plus years of experience counts for nothing! Then he tells me he bought a hutch on line but it was a lot smaller that he imagined so he had sent it back for a refund. The replacement would not be delivered until after he was due to collect the rabbits so could we keep them another week. “Yes, we hear a lot about hutches bought on line being smaller than advertised,”  I said, “Why not look at the range we have in the shop?”  While on the subject of hutches sold on line, we had a customer who purchased a hen house with a two-metre run attached for his rabbits and was complaining about the poor quality of the hutch. As I said, one of the downsides of buying on line is that you cannot see what you are buying until you have bought it and it has been delivered. Unlike the High Street shop where you see exactly what you are getting before you hand over your pennies. Just out of curiosity, I asked what he paid for this hen/rabbit  house. When he told me it was £120 delivered, it explained a lot.

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