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    Being a rural shop we have access to bales of hay as provided by a local farmer, so we sell it in small bags. But am I doing this all wrong? As well as ‘oat hay’ (which is not hay at all but dried green straw) we now have ‘bedding hay’ and ‘eating hay’. From what I can make out, ‘bedding hay’ is a shorter cut and ‘eating hay’ is longer, more fibrous and a bit greener.
    The hay I normally sell is £3.99 for around three kilos, but this super fantastic eating hay is £5.99 a kilo. I just hope the rabbits and guinea pigs know the difference and eat the ‘eating hay’ and sleep on the ‘bedding hay’. I won’t hold my breath on this one because I think so long as the quality of the hay is good, then the rabbit will eat it.
    Also, will customers pay a premium price for a premium product even if it is hay? I am not sure about this, but then again, I once told the agent for Iams cat food in Scotland that his products would never sell as they were twice the price of Whiskas and Go Cat, and look what happened there!

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