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    I never thought we would be selling Frontline in our shop, but we now do. I had taken the view previously that the cost and bother of becoming an SQP was not justified as the margins looked relatively modest, especially as so many products are available online at low prices. But my favourite wholesaler now stocks Frontline so we gave it a go – and are pleasantly surprised at the level of sales.
    A number of customers who are looking for flea products specifically ask for Frontline and are very reluctant to try other brands. They would rather go to the vet than buy alternative makes of flea products, even though they may be half the price of Frontline.
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    I personally have never stocked Frontline and have never had any issue selling alternatives. My leading statement is usually, "well I have this which uses the exact same active ingredient as Frontline for a fraction of the cost." Then follow that up by mentioning fipronil. Even when people don't mention Frontline I still tend to mention it like that. Everyone has heard of Frontline or at the very least acts like they have.

    Certainly there are some who have asked for specific brands Frontline included, but they are absolutely in the minority. I am confident that most people don't really know all that much about products, couldn't tell us why Frontline is so good, and are grateful for the savings.
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