What impact are the new animal activities regulations having on your business?

Discussion in 'Ask the trade' started by rachel, Oct 16, 2018.

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    We want to hear what impact and affect the new animal activities regulations are having on your business, whether you’re a retailer selling pets, a doggy day care provider, home boarder, kennel or cattery owner or breeder.

    If you are applying for a new licence or renewing, have there been issues with your issuing authority?

    We’ve heard that many micro businesses say the new regulations and guidance notes are impossible to adhere to and are planning to shut their businesses at the end of their current licence period - are you one of them? What difficulties are you facing? Also, how much are you being charged for your licence? We’re hearing some councils have introduced massive price hikes.
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    From a Scottish perspective, we are not covered by these regulations and the Scottish Government is currently consulting on regulating pet sales and breeding. It looks like future regulations will look at not only the breeding of cats and dogs but rabbits as well, possibly restricting to three litters per year. Also, they are looking at banning the breeding of dogs with " potential health problems".

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