What a Gent!

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    The wife’s leg is out of plaster but still in a ‘moon boot’ so at least she can hop about the shop and serve customers. She can also do a bit of weighing up and feed the rabbits.  Don’t want her to get too lazy!  Most importantly she can now cook my tea and do the vacuuming.

    The other Saturday I was out shopping, buying the ingredients for her to cook my tea, and left her in the shop alone for about 20 minutes. During that time a customer came in and asked for two three kilo bags of sunflower hearts.  The other half pointed to them on the shelf with her crutch hoping the customer would bring them to the counter.

    Did he heck!  He watched her struggle on crutches over to the wild bird section, pick up two bags of seed and struggle back to the counter. Once she got back there he commented: “You’re struggling there a bit.”

    The age of chivalry is dead.

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