The case of the vanishing complaint

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    During my licensing inspection in December, the Environmental Health officer mentioned a written complaint about us regarding the feeding of pelleted rabbit food and hay. It didn’t bother me at the time because this did not directly relate to our licence, and besides, what we have in our care leaflets complies with the law.
    However, a few weeks later I thought that we should have a copy of any complaint, if only for our files and for reference in case of any future discussion with the Council, so I wrote to them requesting the letter.
    I actually expected an answer of ‘no’, citing either Data Protection or Freedom of Information, but the reply I got was that they do not keep such documents on file as the substance of the complaint was dealt with satisfactorily at the time of inspection.
    So as I understand it, there was a complaint but there is now no record of it.
    Apparently it’s something to do with General Data Protection Regulations.
    So if there’s no record of a complaint, do I assume there has not been a complaint as the Council cannot provide a record of any such complaint?

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