Some of the weird requests we've had

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    We had a lady in that wanted 'one of those retracting leads' for her dog. So we pointed out the flexi's and she bought one. A week later she brought it back because it didn't reel the dog back in. Gives a whole new meaning to 'here boy'.

    We have had an enquiry from a lady who wanted to know if we stocked Tesco value dog food and then got quite shirty when we said we didn't. She really couldn't understand why! :roll:

    One lady wanted a particular brand of mite spray, and we could order one in from Vital but it would have been more expensive that Pets At Home. So she asked 'well can't you get me one from Pets At Home?'
    Errr NO

    A recent conversation...

    Customer: 'Do you have anything to stop the cat peeing on my bed, it does it first thing in the morning and late at night but I want something to stop it doing it on there, but not stop it coming into the bedroom.'
    Us: Does it still do it now that you've washed the bedding?'
    Customer: I haven't washed the bedding.'

    Another conversation...

    Young lad: Where are your fish?
    Us: We haven't sold fish here since last summer.
    Lad: Well my mum bought me one from here at Christmas.
    Us: She can't have done, we got rid of the fish in July.
    Lad: Are you calling my mum a liar?
    :shock: How do you answer that one?
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    Brilliant – we really enjoyed these here in the Pet Business World office!
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    I think we have a sign above our shop, only visible to weirdos, welcoming them in with open arms. We have had a woman cradling an obviously dead seagull in her arms asking if we knew someone who could help treat it (and by obviously dead, I mean it had no head). Over the last three consecutive days, we've had the same female customer ask us if, individually pointing to each plastic aquarium plant at a time, they were suitable for keeping a pond clean - and patiently three differing staff have replied for half an hour that we don't have any plants suitable for ponds. I have been asked where the nearest brothel is as the man's mate had told him there was one near a pet shop. But possibly the best of the recent ones is a customer who is really hard of thinking, came in to our not empty shop (I immediately ran for cover as I can't keep a straight face when she asks questions) and asked if we had flea treatment as she was sure she had fleas in the house and as she was heavily pregnant and about to give birth, she didn't want fleas around a new baby. She was duly asked whether she had seen signs of fleas or bites where upon she scooped a bare boob out of her top to ask if the spots all round were flea bites. She was told that yes, they were flea bites, she re-dressed and bought the flea treatment. To say that the surrounding customers, male & female, were gob smacked would be an under statement.

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