Sex-specific foods

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    Chudleys Junior is not one of our stock lines but we are happy to get anything in to order as long as it’s in Vital’s catalogue.   I was a bit surprised to be asked for this product but “for female dogs”. This really confused me as I thought that no way was this a sex-specific food.  Then again, I have yet to come across any sex-specific dog foods.  “It must be,” said the customer, “as the last bag you ordered  clearly said that it contains everything HE needs for strong bones.” When it came in I have to agree that the customer is right, it does say ‘everything HE needs’ on the bag. 
    This reminds me of a few years ago when we used to buy in Christmas gifts and they were labelled either “Good Boy” or “Good Girl”. A number of customers would not buy them because they were labelled for the opposite sex to their beloved pet.

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