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    As regular readers know we have been seriously debating giving up our license to sell animals at the end of this year, purely because it's becoming uneconomical now that most people buy their cages and accessories online and just use us to purchase the animal. We still occasionally sell a hamster cage but it's been over two years since a rabbit hutch went out the door. This lockdown has strangely accelerated that process a bit.
    We currently don't have any hamsters and it looks very unlikely we can get more in the near future, as one supplier only comes to our part of the word infrequently and another needs a £250 order to deliver to us.
    Sales of fish have dried up, as have rabbits and guinea pigs, not surprising as driving 25 miles to buy a rabbit is not really a necessary journey! Even if travel restrictions ease in the summer, will people want to, or have the spare money to, invest in a new family pet? Maybe we are being over cautious but we won’t be carrying a lot of hutches and cages until things settle down and the future trading picture becomes a little clearer.

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