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  1. Newshound

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    The drive to reduce the use of single-use plastic is gaining momentum and a few of our customers are asking what steps we are taking to reduce the use of it. Apart from looking at our weigh-out bags, I am not sure we can do a lot else. Even then, replacing plastic weigh-out bags with paper ones will increase our cost significantly and are our customers willing to bear this cost?
    As it is, 70% of our lighting is LED, we recycle all our cardboard – at great expense, and our consumption of paper is far less than it used to be and our current vehicle emits a lot less emissions than the last one.
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    We have an on-line business as well as bricks & mortar shops. Where possible we re-use clean strong boxes to send out orders and 80% recycled boxes if we use a new one. Two weeks ago we had a customer complain because her 6kg bag of dog food we sent was not in a brand new box! She thought spending a lot of money (£35) war rented a new box.

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