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Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Next on the list is to re-evaluate our entire range of products; this pandemic really makes you look at everything in a new light! Take wormers – do we really need the entire range from three manufacturers? Every single customer who asks for a wormer does just that. They don't come in looking for a particular brand, they want a quality reliable product, usually the same brand they bought last time. So why not choose two brands and delete the third. Cuts down on stock held and shelf space, leaving room to try some new products.
    Next is shampoos; how many do you really need? A good basic range plus a few high-end products for those customers who really pamper their pets.
    Do we really need dog harnesses from five manufacturers? Not really, especially as two ranges are so similar they could almost be made at the same factory!
    We are slowly going to go through everything we stock and make every line justify it's space on the shelf. It's no longer good enough that we have stocked the same product for 20 years, if it ain't selling now it will have to go.

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