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    When people buy a pet rabbit I sometimes wonder what they really want. A living companion animal or a fully obedient cyber pet?
    This family were quizzing one of our staff about our baby rabbits one Saturday and I overheard most of the conversation. “We want a breed of rabbit that does not burrow.” Well all rabbits given the opportunity will burrow, it’s only natural. You can move the run around the garden but if left in one place too long they will dig.  “We want a breed of rabbit that is not scared of cats.” Well how about you getting a breed of cat that will leave rabbits alone.  In all honesty, the vast majority of cats live peacefully with rabbits, mainly because most cats are so well fed they do not see rabbits as food. They are too busy eating Felix. “We want a breed of rabbit that if it escapes into the garden will only eat grass and leave poisonous plants alone.”  No answer there at all.  After another 20 minutes of aimless questions, the family left to go and look for a cheap second-hand hutch on eBay.  This left Jade, our youngest member of staff, speechless.

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