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    In last month’s magazine two retailers reported that they had stopped selling pets for two completely different reasons. One was purely financial, as he could not make the selling of pets financially viable, as there was more profit in stock on the shelves than hamsters in cages. That’s a view that every reader will know is the one we have recently taken and have no regrets in doing so. The other retailer had stopped selling rabbits because of ethical reasons, in that there were too many animals in pet rescue centres and customers should purchase pets from them rather than high street shops. In all honesty, I have several questions on this. Firstly, it was quoted that the number of rabbits given up for rehoming last year was 248. As a percentage of the estimated one million rabbits in the UK this is a minuscule number being rehomed and, yes, I know others may quote a survey from 2012 stating there are 60,000 rabbits a year going through rescue centres, so how many rabbits are currently being rehomed through voluntary rescue centres?
    It would be interesting to know some facts about the number of rabbits given up for rehoming per year. The real concern I have is that animal rescue centres, which overwhelmingly do a wonderful job as voluntary groups, are not currently licensed or regulated in any way. If they are seen as the go-to place for small pets in the future shouldn’t they be licensed at least to the same standard as pet shops?

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