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    A customer was complaining that she could not get Purina One salmon flavour anywhere for her cat and it was the only food her cat will eat. She had seen it in the local Co-op, but it was too expensive, and it was inconvenient to travel 10 miles to Morrisons.
    One wonders why she did not ask us if we could get it for her, as she only lives just up the road. We were more than happy to order it in for her, hoping to gain her as a more regular customer.
    A week later we proudly showed her the Purina One salmon on the shelf and expected a quick sale, not: “What other flavours are there?” So the cat only eats salmon flavour so why would you need other flavours? And she then asked if we had the urinary tract version.
    You bend over backwards to help some people, but I wonder if sometimes they look for what you don’t have on the shelves just to wind you up!

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