Potassium deficiency – can anyone help?

Discussion in 'You couldn't make it up!' started by Newshound, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Newshound

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    A customer wanted a dry cat food for a cat with self-diagnosed potassium deficiency. I suggested a trip to the vet to get a professional diagnosis and possibly one of the prescription diets. But no, this was not going to happen as he knew what the problem was and was not going to pay a vet to tell him what he already knew. I could not think of any standard cat food that was enriched with potassium – any suggestions?
  2. ThePetStore

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    I wouldn't think an otherwise healthy cat eating a normal diet would develop potassium deficiency unless it was as a symptom of another potentially serious disease. If he's seeing the symptoms the cat definitely needs a vet. I'm afraid I wouldn't want the responsibility of recommending anything other than that for fear of causing further harm or preventing him from taking the proper action.

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