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    Like many large villages we have a shop that sells a bit of everything. Pots, pans, cards, gifts, batteries, light bulbs…you get the idea.  Its name is most appropriate, This N That. One Saturday, the lady owner and her member of  staff were chatting with a customer about a recent newspaper article concerning grey rodents with long tails inhabiting the local supermarket. Well to be precise, the fast food outlet in the supermarket. Suddenly into the shop ran this large brown shape and shot under a pile of boxes.  The shop assistant screamed, thinking it was a rodent, and jumped into the arms of the customer. The truth being that it was a hen pheasant! Personally, I have never seen a rat covered in feathers, with wings and the size of a small chicken!  The shop owner had the sense to run up the road to the one person who could rescue them. Yes, a certain pet shop owner armed with a cardboard box ran down the road and swiftly captured the bewildered bird.  Lots of jokes about Christmas lunch later, we released the hapless bird in open fields after the shop was shut.

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