Pet trade going backwards

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Arsenal12, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Could somebody please enlighten me as to what is happening in our trade? This is before any outcome on Brexit. Forthglade, Burgess to name just two who can't get there act together over supply. Pedigree Wholesale want to alienate the independent trade by increasing minimum order quantities to at least twice other w/salers, and like Vital did, reduce most people's banding. Then we have Vital, can you really survive or offer a credible catalogue without Simpsons, Hills, Fish4dogs and now I hear Burns.
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    Maybe not going backwards but we are seeing huge changes in the retail trade. Margins are being squeezed mainly by silly prices online so manufacturers and wholesalers are suffering as well as the number of retailers shrinking for similar reasons. Who would have thought that some shops would give up on 15K bags but they have as its silly price online time? I would suggest we have too many wholesalers to service the retail trade and in the next year or so we will lose one or two of the big players. The number of dogs in the UK is fairly static but every week we see a new dog food launched, it's crazy and unsustainable,
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    PS: Brexit has nothing to do with this: we will all wake up on 1st April and carry on as normal. I read somewhere that there will be bread shortages, How? the raw ingredients are all grown in the UK and the bread is made in the UK, so how will there be shortages. Anyway, I've got 10 loaves in the freezer, offers over £10 each in April!!

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