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    What's going on with the price of pets since lockdown? This time last year a friend of ours bred a litter of fox red working Labradors and asked £600 per puppy, which I thought was a bit on the high side but they all sold to good homes quite quickly. This year he bred another litter from a different bitch and reckoned he could get up to £1,000 per puppy. One of his pals advised him to check out prices on a well known selling website and was astonished to see prices up to and well over £2,000 for Labrador puppies. Chancing his luck, he asked for £2,000 – not only did they all sell within days but he had several inquiries asking him when he would breed again.
We recently had a look on this site and saw rabbits that were nothing special selling for £60 to £80 and Syrian hamsters for £20. I just don’t get it. If we had asked £60 for a rabbit or £20 for a hamster customers would have walked away but they are willing to pay that from a home breeder!

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