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    Monday, November 16 will be a day to remember as, after exactly 30 years selling pets, we no longer have any to sell.

    Regular readers will remember we have looked very seriously at our livestock sales, especially their profitability, for some time and took a decision not to renew our licence at the end of 2021.
    Then along came lockdown and we quickly sold down the pets, especially the small furries. As it was virtually impossible to get more hamsters and birds without spending a fortune, we took the decision to bring forward our plans 12 by months.

    Once the fish were sold out we replaced the tanks with shelves, similarly with the birds.

    Another pet shop took one rack of small animal cages off us. We even found a good home for the two Hahns macaws that had been dumped on us eight months previously.

    That left us by the end of the summer with just a few rabbits and guinea pigs. By early October we were down to two rabbits and we thought for a while they would become long-term shop pets. Now they’ve found good homes though and, therefore, no more livestock.

    While we miss the sales pets brought in, it’s more than compensated with savings in food, hay, shavings – and 20 hours a week in labour costs. Even the cost of taking the waste away is saving us over £1,000 a year.

    While we still firmly believe that a pet shop should be the place to buy pets, you cannot fight the tide of change and unless we change and adapt we will not survive.

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