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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by ThePetStore, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Has anyone any thoughts on how to update EPOS?

    There are currently no download options. I spoke to someone a few days ago and it seems it's not something they had considered but it is possible for them to add - though obviously not there yet.

    We still use the CD catalog but TBH I don't see why we should have to pay for the luxury. It's always been fast, reliable and the easiest way to add / amend / view / compare stock items for us. I think we'll need to keep it for a while.
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    We tried the new cloud portal, but found it so slow and the search facility very cumbersome, the CD catalog is so much more,in my opinion user friendly. However I was told last week it's days are numbered and we will have no option other than a different supplier to use the new website for placing orders.

    More of an irritation to me however is the new invoicing format, according to who you manage to speak to at Vital, this is because they have
    1/ switched to Sage or
    2/ Following a customer survey the result dictated a change.

    On the cd you can of course sort the columns into a logical (alphabetical order) which makes checking off the order when it arrives easy and quick - the new system duplicates the order in which lines were added to the order and also adds a load of information, such as special offers, wholesale pack sizes etc to the documents, it is in my opinion a complete mess and makes our job longer and harder, way too much information you simply do not need - Vital tell me they cannot change this and again it was a request from customers .... come on own up was it you ? ..... they also say I am the only one to mentioned any of this, which may of course be the case. We have worked a "work around" - but do feel the old system was so much more logical.

    We have been customers through the various buy outs since 1993 - Chay Pet foods (oh how we miss them) Batley, Vital 1 and the new Vital. I just don't see these much vaunted improvements. We never know if our delivery will be 8am, 5pm or anywhere in between, twice this year it has simply failed to arrive at all. I honestly don't remember the last time the driver was the same guy two weeks in a row.

    I have seen an improvement in the number of picking errors, there are far less now, but you either get a credit note instantly, or have to wait 3 weeks - goods do however still get delivered with clear signs of rodent infestation, this is not acceptable. Likewise, quite what taking a number of pictures of the off loaded pallet on the pavement proves is beyond me.

    The way discounts are applied to the invoice has changed, but nobody from Vital explained this.

    It's easy to bash Vital, but they don't help themselves with zero communication to their customers and how anyone can see the new invoicing as an improvement is something I just don't get.

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