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    The shop till started playing up and running slow, also the touchscreen took ages to do anything and kept freezing. Eventually, after a good talking to, it appeared to work OK, but not quite perfectly – which worked for me as I did not really want to replace it before next spring.

    However fate intervened and on a Friday morning it decided to freeze up and crash while at the same time announcing the C-drive was full. A quick phone call to the supplier helpline confirmed that, being five years old and an obsolete model, we needed to buy a new till but in the meantime they could hopefully delete some old files and free up the C-drive, but it was only a temporary fix and it was inevitable that this problem would reccur.

    In my head that meant months away, definitely into next year but, no, it went again the following Saturday, this time with the blue screen of death. Something I haven’t seen since Windows 3.1!
    So back on to the helpline with a debit card in hand. Luckily, between us, we managed to get the till working but without card payments, so for a week we were cash only, which caused a few problems as many customers only have plastic. Still we got over it and a week later our new, up-to-date till arrived…only the credit card payment part did not work! The till and Worldpay just did not see one another.

    So back on to the helpdesk, who informed us we had the android version of the till and we should have been sent the Windows version. Apparently, android and Worldpay don't work together. The till people were very good and got us the right till by the next working day and spent over an hour getting it reconfigured and working to our satisfaction.

    It's so frustrating that a piece of technology only five years old is out of date and cannot be upgraded and, therefore, only fit for the scrapheap, but what can you do? We need a working till and we definitely need to take card payments.

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