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    We have decided to open the shop from 9am to 2pm daily which gives customers plenty of time to buy what they need, especially as we also do home deliveries. While this gives us three hours a day extra away from the shop it's the evenings that seem strange. A few years ago I stood for the local Community council ( that’s like English parish councils without the funding ), as I believe it's good to be involved in the community and it's only one evening a month. Two years later I was asked to be on the committee of the local community centre, and why not, it's only one evening a month. Not long after I joined, the treasurer needed a break and I was volunteered for a six-month period, that was fifteen years ago.

    The local group that puts up hanging baskets and flower tubs in the town needed a representative from the Community Centre and it was only one evening a month between February and July, so guess who was nominated.

    About six years ago we took a stall at the town gala day which was definitely in need of better organisation so stupidly I wrote to the organisers and politely mentioned drinking sessions and breweries and guess what? It's only one meeting a month with no meetings in November or December.

    Four years ago the local gymkhana committee wanted to revive the fun dog show and who better to do it than the local pet shop. It's only one meeting a month between February and July.
    The truth was, with subcommittee meetings, writing reports and dealing with correspondence I found myself committed to two or three evenings a week on what my other half calls “ that bloody community stuff you get up to “ and it's all come to a grinding sudden halt. No gala weekend, no gymkhana, the community centre is shut, all that is thriving is the plants so I’ve now got time to fill the hanging baskets!

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