Lockdown blues

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    I'm writing this in January during the third lockdown and it seems different this time. Last March and April staying at home was new, an adventure. We had warm weather, we could get outside and, for those of us lucky enough to have a garden, we could indulge our passion in peace. And there was a sense of optimism that this would all be over in a few short weeks. This time, in January, it is dark, cold and dismal and people are just fed up with the ongoing restrictions. We hear a lot of comments like ‘when will this all come to an end so we can get back to normal?’
    Last March we cancelled the town’s 2020 Gala Day in full, believing we would come back bigger and better in 2021, yet via the new-found magic of Zoom we have just postponed the 2021 Gala from June to September; surely this virus will give us a break by the autumn?
    Many more people are working during this lockdown, mainly because they have to, as the alternative is just not worth thinking about. Friends of mine who are self employed in the building trade tell me ‘no work’ equals ‘no money to pay the bills’ and that goes for many other trades as well. One thing with this current lockdown is virtually everyone coming into the shop is wearing a mask and they all stand well back from the counter. You get the odd one asking for help trying on a dog coat and won’t stand back, but they are very much in the minority.

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