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    A  customer wanted to buy Iams dry cat food as she said it was the best. She looked at what was on offer but could not make her mind up on which flavour to buy. Not New Zealand lamb because there is nothing wrong with British lamb and we should support British farmers. Not Norwegian salmon as it would be farmed salmon and salmon farming is not natural. And certainly not chicken, as it was not guaranteed free range. After 30 minutes discussing the merits of the different flavours, she chose chicken as it was the lesser of three evils. During this conversation she told me her last cat died during the first Gulf War. I was tempted to ask her which side it fought on.

    She must really like me as she was back on a Saturday afternoon at around 4.30pm.

    This time to buy suet pellets.

    This time she studied the ingredients lists on the back of the packet. Apparently one said beef suet and one said suet. I was then questioned on this as she insisted that birds must have beef suet as their DNA is the same as humans and we must eat beef suet.

    There must be a sign over my shop door. Please come in and annoy the shopkeeper!
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    how very sad that you consider an ethical shopper to be annoying. Perhaps she was lonely and you might be the only human she gets to talk to.The customer that you end up spending a lot of time with, and building a relationship with, even if she doesn't spend a fortune with you, is worth her weight in gold as no paid for advertising will be worth half as much as her heartfelt recommendations to anyone who listens, especially if she tells them that you really care about animals and take the time to help, unlike the big pet supermarkets staffed by bored youngsters who aren't interested.

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