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    Our trading patterns are still not back to normal even six months after the start of this pandemic and I’m beginning to wonder if this is the new normal. Previously, during term-time, we started to see customers from just after 9am and they tailed off after 4pm. During school holidays we hardly saw customers before 10am. While trade was fairly equal during the week it usually went up by at least 50% on Saturdays. But not now; we now see the vast majority of customers between 11am and 4pm and Saturdays are our quietest day, but our takings are holding up well.

    So, in fact, we are serving the same number of customers as before but in a much smaller timeframe.
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    we started opening 10-3 monday to saturday at the start as we had daughter off school, leaving 1 to be at home the other to do shop, wholesalers and deliveries, we've kept to the same hours, with complaints from customers they can't get in during the week due to work but we have to do what is right for us. I have considered changing one day to say 12-6 to see if that helps. Our takings are up on less hours so going back to full hours whenever this all ends will feel like a shock to the system. Peoples shopping habits have changed so why can't we change our hours on a permanent basis, fridays and saturdays continue to be our busier days. It is a strange world we live in now

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