Have we made the right decision?

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    Over the last few months we have been quite open about our debate about whether or not to renew our licence at the end of this year as, in all honesty, we cannot make a financial case for keeping and selling pets. We have always said that selling pets is the cornerstone of a pet shop but when the finances do not add up hard decisions need to be made.
    At the start of lockdown, we quickly sold out of hamsters, guinea pigs and most of our rabbits, while the sale of fish ground to a halt. We have found it difficult to get more hamsters without spending a lot of money on large numbers, so that's us out of hamsters for good. Rabbits and guinea pigs are fine as we breed our own but there again we have very few underway. As for fish, we had a good look at the tanks and while they are in good condition, the lighting and filtration needs renewing so this is a good time to call it a day. Then someone made us an offer for our remaining fish so the decision was taken. Funnily enough, the week after we took the tanks out someone came in with a free gift of 150 baby guppies!
    So, as we ease out of lockdown the only pets we will have for sale are rabbits, guinea pigs and budgies in numbers that we will easily diminish to zero by the end of the year.
    Have we made the right decision? The sale of pets covered their costs in food, bedding etc but no way covered staff time for cleaning and feeding. We always used to maintain that selling pets ensured you sold the cage and all the other bits and pieces that went with it, but that's no longer the case. The sale of hamster cages and birdcages is nothing like it used to be and we haven't sold a rabbit hutch in two years. Most people looking to buy a pet buy the cage online because they are so much cheaper and only come to us to buy the actual pet, so the profit in selling pets is just not there.

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